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Canton Valais: Four people in Switzerland were spilled by avalanche

According to police, a scandal loss in the Swiss canton in Valais robbed four people of the snow mass and wasted it. The disaster occurred on Sunday at the top of Clochers d 'Arpettes, about 60 kilometers southeast of Lake Geneva.

The landslide broke away at about 2800 meters at ten minutes over ten in the morning. Mountain rescue was in place, police said on Twitter.

Austria: dead and seriously injured in avalanche

Only on Saturday there had been a dead and seriously injured in an avalanche in Austria. According to the police, the two 64 and 57 year olds had made a hike in Reichenau, about 100 kilometers southwest of Vienna. At noon, they were surprised at an altitude of about 1400 meters with an 80 meter long landslide.

The snow masses demolished the couple about 100 meters over partly rocky terrain, whereby the 57-year-old was wasted slightly, the 64-year-old completely. Hikers, including a doctor, heard the woman's cry and gave first aid. However, the woman's companion could only recover dead from the snow. The woman was taken by a helicopter that was seriously injured in the hospital.

"Third party debt could not be established", according to the Austrian police statement. "In avalanche and avalanche investigations, no trace of humans could have been found that could have triggered the avalanche."

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