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Cabaret artist Otto Stark died at the age of 96 – Culture –

Austrian-born cabaret artist Otto Stark died on Thursday at the age of 96 in Berlin. This told his family for APA. The actor, the cabaret artist, the director and director worked for many years as Director of the East Berlin cabaret Distel. From his native Vienna, he had fled from the persecution of Social Democrats at the age of 16.

The birth, born on April 2, 1

922 in Vienna, the son of a hatter, lost his family in the Nazi era and fled with a "Kindertransport" to London. In 1949, he returned to Vienna for a short time, just two years later to pursue a career in the theaters of Dresden and Berlin. In addition to film engagements, Stark found his artistic home in the East Berlin cabaret, Distel, who first served as a member of the ensemble, from 1969 until 1989, eventually worked as director.

He has, as a letter from his daughter Myriam, especially with his "who's charm and diplomatic-humorous talent" spotted and many guest appearances arranged by colleagues like Fritz Muliar or Michael Heltau. In February he had come up with a program called "Stories of a Century Life"

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