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Bungee Art for St Anna Children's Hospital – People today

His pop artwork is created spectacularly in free fall from a height of 65 meters from the bungee crane. With his technique of "Sky Painting", the Austrian premiere artist Tim Tom Norden made a name for himself beyond the borders.

On Monday evening, he put his art in service for the good reason and donated eleven of his current pop art trilogies for a charity auction for St. Anna Childhood Cancer Research at Hilton Vienna am Stadtpark.

The donation success proved correct – the images were sold for a sensational 120,200 euros.

"I'm a father of four and I'm grateful that my sons are healthy! This is not a matter of course and it's a personal concern for me to make a small contribution to supporting the big and important work with St Anna Cancer Childhood Cancer Research, "explains Tim Tom Norden, the background to his charity work.

Auction owner Gerald Hartinger scattered the artist Rosen: "This technique of sky photography is unique and I did not get that way. The combination of action and painting is exactly my style," says the famous gallerian user, who owns one of the most relevant pop art collections in Europe .

After just 90 minutes, a total donation of $ 1

20,200 was paid to St Anna Childhood Cancer Research together. "I did not expect it in my wildest dreams." So visibly touched Tim Tom Norden.

It was probably also an incentive that every buyer could look forward to a trilogy of his own similarity – these images will be Tim Tom Norden in the framework of a heavenly painting event on the 23rd of August in Parndorf Fashion Outlet, and also urges all braves to take the step even from the bunk crane. 19659008] Stay up to date with the newsletter today.at [19659009] (VAF) [19659010]
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