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Bundesliga: LASK defeats zehn St. Pöltner

Those liners were superior to the capture phase, so the home owners were better off in game. In the direction of the LASK-Sieg book, the game is set in the second half, then the Brazilian Luan for a Foul and Samuel Tetteh the Red Card honored hats. Another team hit James Holland (67) in the corner of a corner in the corner – there is one hit in the match.

LASK starts with many Elan. Joao Klauss kicks the ball in the second minute in the morning before the end of the day, with Klaus and Thomas Goiginger in the penalty area coming to a close. St. Pölten needed some time to find the rhythm. The first-ever action will take place in the 1

8-minute defender Danijel Petrovic after an ambichl-Freistoß per Cup, aborted, was still unknown.

St. Poles from racing around the European Cups

Vizemister LASK wins at the Niederösterreichern, who won the championships on rank six legends.

Protest against Gebauer

Das Tor der Linzer called dies Thomas Gebauer, the 36-year-old comb to last worst duty payload for the LASK. Out of protest against the long-running driver and captain, the heart of the most popular LASK fans endured support for your people. nicht. The enemy of SKN-Torjäger Rene Gartler in Minute 48 for, from a radius of curvature, fared up the Null. The Notbremse von Luan was then a stroke, of which the St. Pöltner did not tolerate any more.

The Linzer had several possibilities – Holland sucks. An Australian flattered by Peter Michorl from the left with the Außenrist ins Tor. If the assistant had dared to wait in the absence, the Team on the Referee Robert Schörgenhofer had entered. Get a go and a ride from Michorl to Husein Balic im Strafraum advertised St. Poles in the 78th minute eleven-meter – the Versuche blieben jedoch erfolglos

Voices to the game:

Ranko Popovic (Trainer St. Pölten): "The game was up to the first two, 15 minutes slipped away. In the second half were, in beginnig, better and hatred a riesenchance, in Führung. Getting to know a root map and a tower, the final abscess. The burschs were worth more money. ”

To the non-realized European Cup Chance:" Obviously, it is not so bad that there is no Doppel load. Very sure that Europe is beautiful, but it can also be said for the championship. ”

Oliver Glasner (Trainer LASK):“ The worst 15 minutes were when we were playing, thanks to it. Thomas Gebauer held up to 0: 0 to keep the thing, I really like it, because he loves a small group – I don't even know LASK fans, because his sincere cousin is being hurt. As views on weather forecasting and recognition, all-year operations have played today, and it has also been very popular. My big soul was, if our two years were minded, that if anything or everything else, whatever game we played, ever played happily. That 's until the game is played and played. I'm proud of those troops. ”

Thomas Gebauer (Torhüter LASK):“ We've already managed to play games. I really like Anfang and I love it. I can actually concentrate on my tasks. ”

Tipico-Bundesliga, Masters, neunte Runde


St. Pölten – LASK 0: 1 (0: 0)

St. Pölten, NV Arena, 3.199 Zuschauer, SR Schörgenhofer

Tor: Holland (67)

St. Pölten: Riegler – Luan, Ambichl, Petrovic – Ingolitsch, Rasner (86./Bajrami), Luxbacher (46./Mislov), Haas – R. Ljubicic, Gartler (72./Hofbauer), Balic

LASK: T. Gebauer – Ranftl, Trauner, Wiesinger – Frieser (65./Jamnig), Holland (87./Haudum), Michorl, Ullmann – Goiginger, Klauss (77./Otubanjo) Tetteh

Gelbe Karten: Gartler, Petrovic, Hofbauer and others. Michorl, Wiesinger, Goiginger

Rote Map: Luan (53.)

Die Besten: Petrovic, Rasner bzw. Trauner, Gebauer, Tetteh

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