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Börse Express – Von Smart-Washing in the Future of Clothing

Wuhan, China (ots / PRNewswire) – Sharks (600690: Schanghai) unveiled during the Haier 2019 Washing and Fabric Caring Industry Strategy Launch Event, present in today's Wuhan, said new products

Are you ready for a future, in your clothing with your gear interacting: the Internet of Clothing? One day, do you have any kind of worries, can you tell if your favorite pussy is up, or in small labels crumble around? Or your clothes are biting! Then you prepare, this future has come. Hair, world-leading restorer of home-made amenities, public-looking latest products, which are destined for the world, are connected to the other clothing with the Internet.

Latest "cross-linked" series of products for the particular purpose:

* The "Qianhe" washing machine: The world's first ultra-shell-air washer with a 601

mm drum reducer, which wraps around the micron particle, which can slip the fabric through the sleeves, down the slopes, with the booster cantilevered. Wascherlebnis can be enjoyed.

* The "Yiren" washing machine The world's first washing machine without an outdoor drum was a further feature of the Wow Factor on the event. Due to the design, a ringing of the Außentrommel and the wax-sealed inner drum, the problem of the "drunk drum" could have been solved, by which the world of traditional washing machines steals, through which it is possible that, by
the unfinished protection protects Completely Washed Garment

* The Casarte-Fusion Washing and Cleaning Machine, designed for high-quality garment, offers a four-in-one solution for air-washing, washing with water and heating heat sink for load. 7 and 10kg. Single-use Casarte-Fusion Wash-and-Care Machine Sensor, Proactive
Washing Requirements for Beet, Activates the Gear, Does Not Like It and Automatically Sets the Appearances That Appear During the Wash and Drink Runs

Machine-approved clothing needed.

* The Leader-2 washing machine features one AI support, virtual softwares, through which the machine is at a low level, with hassle-free equipment and with the wash settings. Moreover, the machine can also be accessed through its Internet connection, making it an unrelated, intelligent terminal. With this ultimate level and anti-mold and your 3D shower washing technology, the machine prevents the waiting of mold and bacteria, and even gives you an absolute washing edge.

* The U + App: is a mobile phone application that creates the washing machine are obtained with the information required for information on water quality and temperature in the region. These machines are recognized in the low, the fabric and the markets of clothing, just washing the solutions on the utensils and the clothing covers and the mark of the heat sink.

A concern on the new products' application softened the affluent business sense: " Being situation in every area of ​​life, such as innovation headquarters, bridging breakthroughs in the industry, building world-class washing machines to build "smart solutions", is the business with such contribution to a clean and hygienic lifestyle pioneer. for a new industry boundary. "

Connected household goods for a future smart interaction

Lives in the era of ICC: During these events, it was easy to function with the functionality of integrated appliances throughout the house. . Highlights include a later presentation of the "Smart Balcony", which was equipped with the independent washing machine and the ignition modes to communicate with each other and automatically connect the wash and recuperation cycle automatically.

The cushions and the pflege of shoes are a further field, the company untersucht. Haier presented the "Smart Entryway" solutions with a machine that utilizes the most customized wash and shower facilities on different types and designs.

"We have shifted the focus of hair-washing machines from those features to a management platform, with The overall lifecycle of the over-the-top clothing design, through the customization of resources for garment markets and washing-up, allows our products to provide a comprehensive solution for washing, protection, storage, dressing and chewing, "the responsible person.

With "a real-time" localization – combined with design, repair and rotation – these offer intelligent intelligent user solutions and provide a stable basis for their current Smart-Home ecosystem and market portfolio.

Information in Haier

Haier Home Appliance is the global home the leading brand for home-made food with an international market share of 10.5%. Among the markets of the company are Haier, Casarte and Leader in China, GE Appliances in United States, Fisher & Paykel in New Zealand and AQUA in Japan. Currently featured Sheer Home Appliance one walk from a traditional repairer to an offshore sub-platform, since the companies are a smart home-based business system. In addition, Haier provides a constant improvement in the use of products and services, and provides customers with all over the world with smart-home experiences. More information can be found at:

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