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Boom! Coach Seiler leaves FC Pinzgau

  Franz Seiler, Pinzgau


Franz Seiler and Westligist Pinzgau go their separate ways.

Three points in the Western League second round and "Keller-Watschn" on Saturday against Hohenems took the dish to flood at FC Pinzgau. The club and coach Franz Seiler solve the cooperation with immediate effect, explains sports director Hannes Rottenspacher in talks with SALZBURG24.

On Easter Monday, after Easter twice against Seekirchen (1: 1), there was an internal debate with the Board and Coach Seiler. "We have come to the conclusion on the basis of the results that further cooperation does not make sense," said Rottenspacher, for the appearance of Saturday was defeat 5-0 against Hohenem's ruling. Seiler lacked complete confidence and asked for termination of contract the club met.

  Franz Seiler, FC Pinzgau

Westliga club FC Pinzgau must look for a new coach after the exit from Seiler.

Pinzgau looking for a trainer

After being informed on Tuesday, fitness rider Christian Rothart leads the first training after the breakup. Then a transitional solution was rectified until the end of the season, before a sponsor's entry, the top 3 in Eliteliga. "Who joins us, we can't comment officially, but security will prevail soon, it's just about details," added Rottenspacher to the upcoming restructuring.

Also sniffed in FC Pinzgau "Höhenluft" and the back edge belongs to the past at last.

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