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Big approval: Johannes Hahn is EU Commissioner

Vienna, Brussels – Current EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn (ÖVP) is sent as the lowest common denominator with the consent of all parliamentary parties in Austria for another period to Brussels. The Council of Ministers and the National Council of National Council approved the relevant resolutions on Thursday. Hahn was grateful and confident at the same time after his nomination.

There would be very few commissioners who, like him, were sent unanimously to Brussels. The Austrian decision was exemplary in the European comparison, Hahn said at a joint press conference with Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein and Secretary of State Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) after the meeting of the main committee. He felt that the Democrats had a particularly strong legitimacy, Hahn said, and immediately demanded his portfolio as a Commissioner. As a former Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and enlargement negotiations, he wants to remain in European foreign policy. He built up "important networks" here. "In foreign affairs, continuity counts. I would like to continue in this area," says Hahn.

Missing Options

That it could be rejected by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen because she wants a 50% quota Percentage in the Commission, neither Bierlein nor Sobotka (ÖVP) believe. As a reason, they led the broad approval of Hahn in the Austrian Parliament.

SPÖ, NEOS and the list NOW would have wanted a wife at least as an extra candidate, but agreed that Hahn lacked alternatives, but they also had a word of word for the commissioner and confirmed that he had done a good job so far. would be available throughout the term of office. "I intend to serve all the time."

For Bierlein "excellent candidate"

Bierlein confirmed that female equality as a woman is fundamentally a very, very great concern. She is also very happy that a woman is the leader of the European Commission for the first time. But she needed a majority in Parliament for the commissioner's orders and Hahn was out of the fight. In the unlikely event that von der Leyen in Austria is asking for another candidate, "I am thinking of a procedure," Bierlein said.

She praised Hahn for being "an excellent candidate" and thanked the parties for their approval, President Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) spoke as chairman of the main committee for "a special signal". The broad agreement of Hahn is "a sign of a well-coordinated policy between government and parliament". Thus, Austria has relied on the image "that we stand together in terms of important issues". (APA) [19659013]
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