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Bayern and Real – The renegades – sports

  • FC Bayern and Real Madrid have recently been to the controversial Club World Cup – unlike the 232 European clubs that gathered in the ECA.
  • In October, the two clubs from Munich and Madrid talked about a new Super League

By Claudio Catuogno and Thomas Kistner

The day after the great clash, the record champion once tweeted in English. An image with the logos FC Bayern and the European Club Association ECA, also a saying that should sound like a confession: "#FCBayern is proud to be a member of @ECAEurope! Let's shape the future of football ̵

1; together!" FC Bayern is proud to be a member of ECA! Let's shape the future of football – together!

The Bavarians here, beautifully international, have emphasized their harmony with the European club football. But is it all the truth? Just the day before, Tuesday, the ECA board of Nyon, at the UEFA headquarters of the European Football Federation, pretty much detached two clubs that had just left the Common European Line: Real Madrid – and Bayern Munich. 19659005] The two clubs, unlike the rest of the 232 ECA members, are suddenly proud of a project that FIFA president Gianni Infantino has just completed in the usual difficult way: a new Club World Cup for 24 teams in 2021 the first time take place. "I think it's good", "wonderful", "that's it," declared Bavarian President Uli Hoeneß on Sunday in the Munich Arena. "You will see: The World Cup will come, and Bayern will play together." It was only two days after Infantino had boxed through the controversial format of the FIFA board. Against the tough resistance of UEFA and ECA.

  Sport policy Hoeneß approves Infantino's fat exercise

Hoeneß approves Infantino's fat exercise

The highest lawyer signs a protest letter on behalf of FC Bayern – but shortly thereafter President Uli Hoeneß celebrates the new Club World Cup. Apparently, solidarity with the opponents was just hypocrisy.

Comment by Claudio Catuogno

Europe only fights against it – and the Bavarians think it's good? This causes uproar in the football movements on the continent. Especially since they are particularly keen on solidarity and cohesion, since the FIFA boss with ever new Volts is trying to pull individual Europeans on their side to create majorities for various opaque business projects. It is the type of detuning that FC Bayern does not succeed with a tweet.

Bayern and Real against the rest of Europe: What seems to be a reflex of two money-hungry clubs now gets additional explosiveness. At the SZ request, FC Bayern now acknowledges that he has also treated at least one, very controversial money and split project at least. Namely, with the creation of a new super league for big clubs – and also in connection with Real Madrid.

It is spicy, for the subject in early November 2018 Europe in the title. Since Spiegel and other media based on the platform document Football Leaks had reported on a secret plane, after which eleven major clubs strove to break away from organized football. A detailed action on the discrete project, which landed at a club on October 22, was presented in Real Madrid. More precisely: in realtor's president Florentino Pérez, his vice Pedro López and CEO Juan Ángel Sánchez. The concrete background was unclear at that time, everywhere where such plans were strictly denied. But now it comes out: Trio Pérez / López / Sánchez just two weeks earlier had the Bavarian CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and chief executive Michael Gerlinger for a conversation in Madrid.

As the paper is the draft of a binding declaration of intent, published on November 2, Munich claimed via the club's website that they were completely unaware: "Renewed plans for a so-called Super League (…) is FC Bayern neither known nor does Bavaria have negotiating attended. "One cannot understand why the club will be listed in such a paper. The documentation prepared by the Madrid-based consulting firm Key Capital Partners had named FC Bayern as one of the founders and the fourth largest shareholder in the project. The new "European Super League" will, as an independent elite Uefa operation, be played with 16 teams from 2021.

So what had been discussed a few weeks before, when Bavaria visited the real leaders? Was the new Super League a topic?

Bayern's press office has now commented: "It was a meeting with Real Madrid officials in October who talked about various topics, including Real Madrid in our opinion of a Super League, we said it was not possible in Germany." 19659013] Why did the Bavarians in Madrid's secret newspaper place shortly thereafter? And why assure Bavarian officials, who were interviewed in Madrid in October to a new European elite, three weeks later, were they not partout no new Super League plans known?

Exact questions asked the record champions on Wednesday to answer their media rights. It swept, ratzfatz, all the contradictions from the table. "The Declaration of November 2, 2018 is completely accurate," he said on the question of how to talk about a new Super League in Madrid, but then three weeks later knew nothing about new Super League plans that turned out to be in Madrid. The Bavarians, according to the media lawyer, were also "not explicitly questioned about a new Super League". Rather, they had been "sometimes asked a meeting on various topics that were also asked", "what you think of a Super League". Answer: see above. As a precaution, the Bavarian media lawyer in his reply immediately sets the limit for journalistic curiosity: "By the way, we ask you to refrain from further investigations (…)." The Bavarians seem remarkably thin.

But the question is obvious: was the problem of billions of euros in the Super League in Madrid really only briefly mentioned between dessert and espresso?

The fact that the Super League was beyond Madrid and Munich at the end of 2018 was still a topic of conversation, is actually largely. Unlike 2016, when the big clubs with such plans built a threat and Uefa had squeezed this way, benefits in the Champions League operation. They even recognized it then. But 2018? In addition to the mysterious dossier, there was no indication of a renewed offensive of the super cubes from Paris via Turin to Manchester, no meetings, not even a whispering debate like two years earlier. Only Real Madrid was one of those who, as always, constantly overpowered by their own greed. And Bavaria? They have their shaky version of things. Clubs like Manchester United explain on request, whether they were invited by Real at that time to Super League negotiations, but did not appear, avoiding: "We will not comment on that."

In addition: Two weeks after Ruchbarwerden, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin and ECA chief Andrea Agnelli expanded the format of the Champions League to 2024 in Madrid, and they did not hide their annoyance at this long-term meeting. "What I find interesting is that in 2018, almost no one has discussed a new Super League," says Ceferin. "And it was a document that said it would happen, we talked to all the big clubs, and there was no serious discussion about it and 99 percent didn't know at all."

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