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Barenboims West-Eastern Divan Orchestra at Waldbühne 2019 – A frightening event – Culture

Concert in Berlin

Barenboim's Waldbühne concert – a scary event

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra performed a masterful concert on Saturday at Waldbühne under the direction of Daniel Barenboim.

  The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra on Saturday directed by Daniel Barenboim at Berlin Waldbühne.

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim at Berlin Waldbühne

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Berlin. It's an evening of special meetings. A symbol of peaceful coexistence in different cultures. For the Western Eastern Divan Orchestra performs their traditional Waldbühne concert under Daniel Barenboim's musical direction. And it devotes the evening to the great Ludwig van Beethoven. As this time is celebrated a double anniversary: ​​the orchestra's 20th anniversary and the beginning of the Beethoven year, whose 250th anniversary is dependent in 2020.

The opening will be the overture to "Egmont." The orchestra begins with a darker No atmosphere for the concert, which surely entertains with calm melodies in the almost sold-out outdoor area.

The atmosphere is different from the rock and pop concerts, which can otherwise be heard here The orchestra rejoices with an excellent, clear sound, which can be wonderfully boring.

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra: A Strong Political Message of Huge Power

Founded in 1999 in Weimar by Daniel Barenboim and Palestinian-American literary scholar Edward W. Said, Israeli and Arab musicians play the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra alone , a strong political message of tremendous radiance. In Waldbühne, the world famous orchestra performed for the first time in 2011 since 2011 annually.

With Ludwig van Beethoven and his timeless works, which were an expression of his liberal conviction, the focus is on both a genius and an inappropriate composer. He was known for being the culmination of Vienna's classical music and the pioneer of romantic music at the same time. Aware of writing for posterity, he sought to refine Mozart's compositions until he considered them perfect. Therefore, the quality of his work is unmatched.

As the concert for violin and orchestra D major op. 61 proves. The soloist is Michael Barenboim, son of Daniel Barenboim. At age 14 he joined the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, with which he has been on stage for 19 years. In an interview, the 34-year-old recently said that for him Beethoven's composition was a highlight of the violin literature and he said, "It's the ultimate violin concerto. You have to get matured to play it."

In fact, the work, which was first played 1806, marks a milestone in music history – by the way, the only violin concerto that Beethoven completed – extremely technically demanding for the soloist and orchestra 40 minutes as long as no violin concerto before Michael Barenboim knows how to interpret it exclusively, combines virtuoso playful ease and tenderness in the third movement he radiates with temper and vivacity, just like the orchestra.

Als Michael Barenboim gets lost after a lively debate with his dad Daniel

When the celebrity soloist catches up, plays easily and must smile, followed by a short, lively debate with the conductor, who wants to play the little mouse ends with a soothing gesture of the junior, that's how it is with the father and son after the violin concert simply do not want to let go. Therefore, there is an encore by Michael Barenboim at this time, who thanks Bach for a sonata.

After the break, "Symphony No. 7 in A major op. 92" will be on the program, surely Beethoven's most melodic. It was first performed in front of 5,000 listeners on December 8, 1813. It was Beethoven's greatest achievement in his lifetime.

His unofficial subtitles were later given to the work by none other than Richard Wagner: "Apotheosis of Dance." No wonder with the fresh, sweeping sound that follows the slow introduction. In the many immortal Beethoven tunes from "Seventh" you really want to rock. And the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra makes the symphony a tough event. Perfect on the hot summer evening.

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