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Austrians in the majority at the Bachmann Prize

  - © Naturpuur, CC-BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72016314

Från Naturpuur, CC-BY 4.0, https: // commons. wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72016314

Saech's Austrian participants will compete in the 43s of German literature in the Klagenfurt ORF Theater, three coming from Switzerland, five from Germany. Not only are the Austrian participants in the majority for the first time, but also the female sex. Eight authors and six authors were nominated by the jury. The Austrian authors are Ines Birkhan, Birgit Birnbacher, Leander Fischer, Julia Jost, Lukas Meschik and Sarah Wipauer.

Birkhan caused quite a bit of movement with her author video: With white contact lenses and pale makeup, Birkhan realizes in spherical kind microphone. In her letter she wants to award "hallucinatory realism", her style is focused on Mircea Cartarescu, but also on Kafka and E.T.A. Hoffmann.

productive author and twitter

  Clemens Setz opens German-speaking days in 2019. - © Suhrkamp, ​​Max Zerrahn

Clemens Setz opens German-speaking days in 2019. – © Suhrkamp, ​​Max Zerrahn

Birgit Birnbacher reads a text that she has inspired Museum Arbeitswelt in Steyr: "It is a text I wanted to write for a long time but not necessarily a favorite text by me. The more I read it the closer I get to it."

Leander Fischer, 26 years old from Upper Austria, studies literary writing in Hildesheim. He has already completed a more than 900-sided novel as a final project. His contribution to reading in Klagenfurt is meant to give an idea.

Carinthia Julia Jost succeeds as theater director in Germany, now she comes to Klagenfurt with a text intended for her home country and plays in "right national environment in Carinthia", Lukas Meschik has come up with most publications: Vienna has already published four novels and a narrative volume, and in the summer his new prose is published with "Vaterbuch". This is also the source of the excerpt he will read in Klagenfurt. At the same time he always worked with his music: "It's good that the music is something I do with others, otherwise I'm always alone at home," says the 30-year-old.

Sarah Wipauer's platform is Twitter, where the 33-year-old not only publishes literary splinters, but also connects the networks that have now taken them to the Bachmann prize. Finally, an informal Twitter request from the jury Klaus Kastberger led to the application. Wipauer clearly has the most intense relationship with the Bachmann Prize: For years she has been following German-speaking days. In addition, she takes extra holidays for the day to follow the readings on the screen. The Twitter account, which would ultimately bring them to the Bachmann Prize, she once created to discuss the Wettlern.

Absurd humor

From Switzerland comes Andrea Gerster, Tom Kummer and Silvia Tschui from Germany Martin Beyer, Yannic Han Biao Federer, Daniel Heitzler, Ronya Othmann and Katharina Schultens.

Horst Ebner, the organizer of the competition, emphasizes the wide range: "This extends from a famous author born in 1959 to the youngest author, born in 1996 and is a completely empty slate."

Clemens J. Setz's opening speech on Wednesday night this year, summarizes his latest book, "The Consolation of Round Things", stories of everyday terror. On Twitter, Setz emerges as a happy absurd humorous view from the uproar.

In addition to the speech on literature, the reading order is in focus on Wednesday evening. The readings from Thursday to Saturday will be broadcast live again in 3sat. Finally, on Sunday, the winners will be selected in the traditional jury. The Bachmann Prize in the city of Klagenfurt, equipped with EUR 25,000 and four other awards will be awarded: the Deutschlandfunk Prize (EUR 12,500), the Kelag Prize (EUR 10,000), the 3sat Prize (EUR 7,500) and the BKS Bank Public Price (7,000 EUR) with the Stadtschreiber grant (EUR 5,000).

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