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Anno 1800: Open Beta is over

Update from 15.04 .: Open Beta of Anno 1800 is officially over. Until today at 1 in the morning our time could be played, now it goes to release on 16.04.

What is the conclusion of the open beta of the players? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Updated from 12.04. (2): Ubisoft has published known Open Beta problems on the official Anno forum. So there are currently confirmed issues with DirectX 12 and Geforce RTX (especially: RTX 2070 and 2080) in 1080p and 1440p. At Radeons there is DX12 problem with Uplay Overlay and Crossfire should be deactivated, according to Ubisoft due to lack of support. On laptops with integrated and dedicated graphics cards, the Anno 1

800 begins partly with the integrated graphics card.

In multiplayer there are also some problem areas. Building harbor buildings sometimes causes FPS burglary and micro freezing for all players, and "spam" in the chat also causes falling fps.

Updated from 12.04. (1): Meanwhile, Open Beta of Anno 1800 lives through both Uplay and Epic Games Store. German players can build two in the morning. It is still unclear how long the open beta is running, as there is no official statement from Ubisoft. However, the official Anno Twitter channel retweeted a message from Epic Games and ended one at midnight on 14.04. is promised. So that would mean that the game is almost full three days.

How does Anno Play work for PCGH readers? We welcome comments on this.

Update: At 19:30, the Twitter channel Anno announced that the precharge was launched for the Anno 1800. You have to download about 18 gigabytes of data. Whether the next Uplay download in Epic Games Store Launcher is complete, we can't check.

Who wants to prepare for the nearest Open Beta of Anno 1800 optimally, should not lose the foreplay from the game client. The reason is simple: The open beta of the new Anno game from Ubisoft / Blue Byte Mainz starts Friday on our time (12.04.) At 2 am and ends on 14.04. at an unknown time. The start time is not ideal for German players, because you want to be at least well prepared and not compete with other players for bandwidth.

Anno 1800 Open Beta: Preload Time and Preload Size

Assuming Data on Uplay or Epic Games Launcher. Ubisoft makes it clear that you do not need to register with Anno Union. When preload is live, everyone can download data. So far, it is not clear when the pre-installation starts exactly and what file size Open Beta has. On Twitter, this is from "tonight German time". A request from Ubisoft runs, we update the message as soon as the information is available. It is important that Open Beta is "always on" as opposed to the only player in the full version of Anno 1800. So you need a permanent connection to the internet if you want to play the open beta.

• Anno 1800 Open Beta: Preload from 10.04. (evenings)
• Anno 1800 Open Beta: Games start 12.04. (2 in the morning)
• Anno 1800 Open Beta: End of the match 14.04. (Time unknown)

  Anno 1800: All details about upcoming Open Beta announced (1)

Anno 1800: All details about the upcoming Open Beta message (1)

Source: Ubisoft

Anno 1800: Open Beta Content

Players should be able to "test the almost final version of the game, including any changes" associated with the beta test that developers can make on the basis of previous feedback in recent weeks: "As part of Open Beta you will be able to enter the third level of the population, but for the first time you can explore the full first chapter of our Anno 1800 campaign, and of course, the multiplayer player will be part of it again. "

Anno 1800: Voice output, stores and rewards

As in the full version, Beta-German, English, French and Russian will be completely located in both text and sound, while in Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Chinese (traditional and simplified) translate the text there. In the meantime, repositories created under Beta cannot be used in the final version of the game for any AI problems. In addition, the beta installation cannot be used for the version version of the game, so the game files can be deleted after the test phase.

In addition, there is still a small reward for beta participants in the form of the full version exclusive jewelry "chess table", which can be redeemed in the Ubisoft Club as a reward after publication. For this, players must only be in the game under Open Beta.

  Anno 1800: All details about the upcoming Open Beta message (2)

Anno 1800: All details about the upcoming Open Beta message (2)

Source: Ubisoft

Anno 1800: Trailer for Open Beta introduces the features

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