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Amazon launches the first premium Alexa expertise also in Germany

Earlier this month, the online retailer Amazon announced that they would also bring the new premium Alexa skill to Germany. This gives the users of the digital voice assistant the opportunity to pay for purchases and subscriptions in stores.

Amazon emphasizes that the use of Alexa skills is basically free. However, developers have the opportunity to integrate new content that requires payment in their extensions. The online mail order company hopes that the expertise will be better for the developers in the long run through the extra revenue.

In the US, users of an Amazon Echo device have been able to make in-skill purchases since May 201

8. As a message from Amazon shows, the feature is now also available in Germany, UK and Japan. Soon, the premium Alexa expertise will be available worldwide.

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A high-quality skill with skis in the app is today's "riddle". The extension gives the user an exciting question every day from different topics. The premium version unlocks another issue and hits € 1.89 a month to book. Even "Burger Empire" is a premium Alexa skill. The user gets the question "Alexa, what is it for sale?" listed, what content is available. The user can purchase via "Alexa, plus three" a 4.99 euro expensive subscription in the "Handy Finder" tracking property.

It seems as if there are enough customers who use the paid skill. For example, the developer of the "Escape The Airplane" skill sets a conversion rate of 34 percent. Compared to smartphone apps, this can be considered a very high value. In the future, Amazon would like to place more premium Alexa skills. What extensions are, but remain unclear at present.

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