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Amal Clooney's sister must go to jail – Stars

George Clooney's sister's sister was arrested in Singapore.

Amal Clooney will not be satisfied: her 47-year-old sister was caught driving drunk after a restaurant visit to Singapore. According to the Daily Mail, Tala Alamuddin Le Tallec had two glasses of wine and one glass of champagne.

Drunk Car Driven

Policemen became aware of the designer when she was having trouble using the handbrake. In addition, she had accidentally kicked the accelerator instead of the brake. As if that were not enough, the officials found that they lacked a specific driver's license for cars weighing more than 2,500 kg (mandatory in Singapore).

She must go to jail for three weeks

Tala Alamuddin Le Tallec was arrested while she was still in control. Last Monday, she was tried and pleaded guilty for not being represented by her sister Amal. The verdict: The designer must keep his driver's license for four years, pay a fine of € 4,000 and take a three-week prison sentence. Her lawyer has stated that his client is truly remorseful, but she still has to go to jail.

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