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"Aktenzeichen XY": Iris (17) still missing – Retired investigators call

In the current issue of "Aktenzeichen XY", ZDF and presenter Rudi Cerne also present a cold case from Hamburg. Even retired investigators came forward.

Update of September 20, 2019: Although Alfred Hettmer of the State Criminal Investigation Office at the end of each issue of "Aktenzeichen XY" provides an update on the already received spectator tips, reports LKA – Now with a new overview of all tips . As Hettmer explains in a short video, a total of about 200 callers reported to the investigating officials.

As for Iris Schwarz, who has been absent for 39 years, several callers responded. "The case has met with great response. Some tips refer to the victim's environment, such as the school and the parents' home," explains Hettmer. As viewers are still learning in the current program, a former detective in the TV studio reported, among other things, he explained that At that time, Iris Schwarz was also missing in the case.

However, as Hettmer now explains, several former police officers who were responsible for the investigation at that time reported. "An initial exchange of information between the colleagues took place. From this you can at least see that the police do not give up even after so long and put all the means and levers in motion to clarify this case, "explains Hettmer.

" Aktenzeichen XY ": Iris (1
7) missing – Retired investigator Surprised with calls

Update from September 19, 2019: Investigators hoped for a total of four criminal cases in the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY" Information from TV viewers, as Alfred Hettmer of the State Office of Criminal Investigation Bayern reports at the end of direct broadcast reported viewers with quite interesting tips in several cases.

As for Iris Schwarz from Hamburg, who has been missing for 39 years, Alfred Hettmer was "surprised" by many tips as well. "It is obvious that after so long time can not expect a flood of clues. We have received some tips that mainly relate to the victim's environment, Hettmer explains.

As a homicide investigator explained during the program, a retired investigator also reported in the broadcast studio. The man said in a phone call that he was responsible for the case at the time. From this conversation, the investigators were particularly enthusiastic, sitting down during the live broadcast with the caller in connection.

In the case of an unknown corpse from Elbe, a caller was also reported. As Hettmer then explains, the woman could not say the name of the unknown dead, but there are now enough clues to probably clarify the identity of the dead. But viewers were horrified at the photo of the body.

Regarding the assassination attempt in Aschaffenburg, there are "here also some references to the victim's environment". As Alfred Hettmer once again explicitly stated: "Every observation, even though it seems so insignificant at the moment, can be very important and important to the police and can lead to an explanation of the crime."

Missing daughter after 20 Rediscovered years

The fact that every little step can be important was also shown in Belarus, where a family was after 20 years. Additional information in the video.

"Aktenzeichen XY": Iris (17) missing for 39 years – Police reopens Cold Case

Original article dated September 18, 2019: Ismaning – With the current issue of "Aktenzeichen XY" investigators hope in four cases , new evidence from viewers. In the evening, fans of the popular TV format can look forward to a cold rolled up event.

Cold Case on "Aktenzeichen XY": Iris Schwarz from Hamburg missing for 39 years

The disappearance of Iris Schwarz from Hamburg, who has been missing for 39 years, is still a mystery to the investigators. The then 17-year-old is believed to have been missing since February 29, 1980. As investigators later announce, Iris is already on her way to their training ground. Even though the teenager drives her bus to the patisserie in Hamburg every day at 06.00, the tracks for the young woman are lost that day. The young woman's body is still missing traces.

The father of the then 17-year-old reports that his daughter is missing the same afternoon as missing. But he could not explain that his daughter disappeared, he saw the 17-year-old in the morning on the way to the bus. But a week later, the jacket, sneakers and purse for 17-year-olds were found on a railway ramp or in a ditch in Hamburg's Billbrook industrial park.

As investigators now announce, the then 17-year-old changed their residence just four weeks ago. While Iris Schwarz previously lived in Wilster, north of Hamburg, the apprentice moved to a one-room apartment in Hamburg Wandsbek on February 1st. This aspect plays an important role for Kripo Hamburg. A photo of the former home in Wilster is then presented live on the show, investigators are hoping for new tips from viewers.

ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY" looking for missing Patrick Raven

Investigators are hoping for new information on Wednesday in another missing case. Since December 14, 2017, all traces of Patrick Raven are missing. The then 37-year-old disappears after a quarrel with his girlfriend without a trace from the Westphalian apartment, but police are now considering a crime. Shortly after Christmas 2017, the young man's parents report that they were missing their son.

As the investigators now explain, voluntary suppression seems unlikely. The then 37-year-old should therefore have been dependent on drugs and depended on medical drugs for replacement drugs. "File number XY" hopes in two more cases, new evidence

In the direct broadcast, the investigators then hope for an Attack in Cologne and a knife attack in Aschaffenburg new evidence. The preliminary results of the program will then be presented immediately at. 21.45 on the program.

After sending a new edition of "Aktenzeichen XY", investigators were actually able to arrest the coveted perpetrator. As for missing Mandy, Muller also received a series of spectator threads. But the girl is still missing.

About 24 years after the murder of two women, a criminal case from Oettingen is still unclear. Who do the two women know about the motorway murders in 1995?

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