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Airbus flew those customers, Boeing stayed charging booth

European Airbus Airbus said US-rivals Boeing on Paris Air Force Fair in these shards Crisis . So, collect Airbus up to daytime orders and orders over 373 new airplane end, around 1

00 more when upgraded worldwide Boeing . Der neue, kleine Langstreckenjet Airbus A321XLR sold glittering – in the USA .

Die weltgrößte in Le Bourget bei Paris stand diesmal im Schatten der Abstürze two Boeing-Mittelstreckenjets vom Type 737 Max, at the time of harvest and in March a total of 346 people came to Leben. For these models, mid-March says a global flight ban. When opened, please stay off the knife. Boeing-Chef Dennis Muilenburg went out of business, saying that this freeware is still happening in the same year.

Software Update

First, to free up aviation accessories from all over the world for the MCAS support software, for the gentle follow-up, said to be responsible persons. Die Boeing 737 Max is the Neuauflage of the 737-series since the 1960s. With around 5000 ordered flight cues, the "Max" Boeings is the most important Umsatz-hope for the coming year.

"The war is not a typical Air Show", resigned Boeing sales manager Ihssane Mounir on Thursday. For this reason, many wanted to get rid of it, many flights had sold Boeing to the fair. Declarations of Commitment say follow-up comma Boeing on requirements over 272 jet.

British goose the trend

Great deal for Boeing settled out on 200 copies of the crash fighters 737 Max. The Order is more aberrant than a declaration of obedience. The parent company of British Airways which International Airlines Group (IAG), hid the bulk order on Sunday in a surprising way. IAG Chief Willie Walsh Self-Selected 737 Pilot, Sprag Boeing and Max-Jets Personal Said Confidence.

The Airbus Peak Power Scores, ] Boeing the Großauftrag abzujagen, promot er fix ist. He's so kind, about the deal, gentle Airbus chief Guillaume Faury . The Group runs these A320neo machines in racing. The series has even better sells better than the "Max" and does not cope with the infirmary infirmities of the Cretaceous Jets.

Newer Name

Boeing himself thinks that somebody is still there, 737 Max a new name to be pampered. "Separate our customers, they were named the Airplane", soft Boeing Manager Mounir. Laut Boeing Finance Manager Greg Smith is also open to the public for a public recruitment, if he says so, the image of the aircrews will be reduced. US-Präsident Donald Trump hated these verses in April, suggesting the Jet a few "grandiose attributes."

Interests dotted Airbus on the Air Show in all of afterwards, small ones Longline A321XLR – and sets Boeing damit zusätzlich unter Druck. Happy eleven customers designate for the aircraft, the Airbus says Montag as the new variant of the Mittelstreckenets A321neo. Up to Thursday morning the more or less accessible delay for the new Airbus type summarizes 236 copies.

Longer model

The A321XLR – the Carrier for "Extra Long Range " – should thank large zusatztanks of up to 8,700 kilometers can be recovered by some of the Mitte European to still America . Boeing is planning a new development for this segment. Six years, the management is letting out the chances of a mid-size airplane, the size of the mid-range jets of the 737 series and the large-scale long-distance jets are those of the "Dreamliner " Boeing 787 " soll.

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