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After voice surgery: singer Miley Cyrus has no speech

Singer Miley Cyrus had to undergo voice surgery. Now it's time for the blonde: Silence is gold. In order for her to recover, the 26-year-old can't talk for a few weeks.

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Miley Cyrus must be quiet for a while. As is now known, the singer is said to have been used on the vocal line. After the operation, she had introduced a multi-week speech ban.

No new songs at the moment?

In early October, Cyrus had been treated for tonsillitis. The doctors were obviously a separate, probably years of problem with their voice cords and advised the singer to work with.

Because of the OP, Cyrus had to put on his musical projects at the moment. In the coming year, their fans will be rewarded with new songs. Until the singer returns to the recording studio, she stays fit in the gym.

In an Instagram story, she posted a photo she trained on and commented on it with the words: "On vocal rest not body.")

He takes care of her

The blonde should be good under the circumstances. According to the US People magazine, the singer recovered from her new boyfriend Cody Simpson (22), who saw her publicly for the first time in early October,

Inside told People, the Australian singer does not leave the side of her sweetheart after she has left the hospital again. The two are very much in love and happy, says friends and acquaintances.

The love birds are said to have spent a lot of time with each other's families. Although the couple has only recently become a couple, they already have a very close relationship, Simpson's manager revealed. "It's early, but their friendship has been around for a long time and is deeper than people expect." (SOB)
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Already the second love affair has Miley Cyrus after her separation from Liam Hemsworth. This time, the featured singer is Cody Simpson.

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