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After the strike: Eurowings and other Lufthansa subsidiaries back on schedule | waz.de

The cabin crew union strikes in Lufthansa on Sunday. Also affected are the airports of Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund and Paderborn.

After the flight guard: Lufthansa flights back to schedule

About 100 flights had Lufthansa and its subsidiary Eurowings due to strike strike from the UFO air carrier to cancel on Sunday. On Monday morning, airline operations have largely normalized. Lufthansa has announced that it will prepare a balance sheet during the day.

The day after the strike, there were only isolated flight breaks . A return flight from Eurowings was canceled between Hamburg and Cologne on Monday morning, and in Bremen and Dusseldorf a Lufthansa flight to Munich. In addition, several flights were delayed by one hour or more.

The union Ufo wants on Monday to discuss their further course of action in wage conflict with Lufthansa and its subsidiaries Eurowings, Germanwings, Lufthansa Cityline and Sunexpress. Votes on indefinite strikes should be completed on November 1


strike in Lufthansa: the airline has offered more pay

At Lufthansa, Ufo had demanded 1.8 per cent more salary – just before the Alert strike, the airline had even promised its employees an increase of 2.0 per cent. Immediately thereafter, Ufo pressed for additional customs requirements, which Lufthansa immediately rejected in a letter.

The warning rate on Sunday was originally announced for 5am and 11pm and was extended just before midnight. "The full announcements by Lufthansa to allow all flights to take place just did not occur," said the vice president of the trade union Daniel Flohr on Sunday. He accused the management of the airline group of having attracted strikers with up to 200 euros extra bonuses.

A spokesman for Eurowings stated that only collectively agreed supplements would be paid. These would always depend on whether the air host services volunteered on days off. In general, the effects of the illegal warning rates from the Group's point of view were limited. "More than 90 percent of the crews have arrived on time for service."

A fierce dispute has raged for months between Lufthansa and the union. Lufthansa views both UFO's union status and UFO's board as unclear .

Previously, strikes by cabin crew at Lufthansa and its subsidiaries had led to significant flight restrictions. However, because of the warning strike on Sunday, there were great doubts about how the union could again motivate many members to participate in the labor dispute.

Violent conflicts with union leaders

Not only between Lufthansa and Ufo is in dispute – chaos also dominates the union internally. In a leadership dispute several board members resigned, including long-time chairman Nicoley Baublies.

After a long dispute, Lufthansa recently released Baublies without prior notice – he had worked as a consultant for the union without permission, it said. The former UFO commander announced to take action against the dismissal. Currently, an interim board member leads the union. Lufthansa wants to clarify before a labor tribunal whether the union is still collectively viable .

The Court strengthens the attitude of the air host

Recently, however, the Frankfurt Labor Court had stated primarily that collective agreements with Lufthansa's nuclear companies had been legally terminated by the UFO. "A second court sees the matter completely differently, I think unlikely," said Ufo CEO Flohr at the end of September.

The union did not want to wait for further trials. Lufthansa is constantly raising new accusations as to why an end to the conflicts cannot be foreseen. Therefore, Ufo had now started the labor conflict .

It is not always clear when air travelers are entitled to compensation – when there is compensation and if hotel costs have been taken over.
For other reasons, it is not always easy for the crew on board: flight attendants often fall victim to sexual harassment.

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