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After "ESC" -Rechenfehler: Germany even further behind – German duo just next to last, values ​​are empty

A few days after the difficult result of the German duo S! Sters at "Eurovision Song Contest" in Tel Aviv (TV wish list reported) corrects the responsible EBU result: Germany moves a place behind, even other candidates are affected.

The background to the point correction is originally the disqualification of the five-member Belarussian jury. This could not vote in the final after commenting on their points from the semi-finals. This is not allowed until after the final, but not before, so that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) disqualified the Belarussian jury.

But legal points from Belarus were awarded on Saturday night. For example, eight points went to Germany and 1

2 points to Israel – high scores for countries that were far behind in the scoring tables. These points were statistically determined by the EBU, although the details of the specific procedure were not published. They used the results from similar voting countries as a basis, the EBU writes in a statement.

But this resulted in a "human error", which resulted in finer changes in the points in some countries – and thus also for the placement of certain candidates. S! Sters, who has competed for Germany, does not end third, but last but one – ironically overtaken by Belarus. The eight jury points from Belarus are completely eliminated for the German duo. The long-time ARD entertainment coordinator Thomas Schreiber already announced in an interview that he would already reconsider the German advance decision.

For investments in other countries, the new result also has interesting consequences: Sweden takes over Norway and lands in fifth place, Azerbaijan has seventh place to Northern Macedonia. Singer Tamara Todevska, who has traveled to northern Macedonia, is also the new winner in the jury with her ballad "Proud" (247 jury points). Previously, it was assumed that Sweden (now 241 jurypoints) has received the best best marks from international lawyers. EBU's correction of Dutchman Duncan Laurence ("Arcade") does not change anything.

While the German stars have not received a single point from the international audience, hosts Israel now go instead: instead of 12 legal points from Belarus, it doesn't matter at all, with which singer Kobi Marimi goes out empty-handed in the jury result. But in view of the audience's rating, Germany was not the only country that was missing without a point: Viennese Paenda, who came from Styria, could not score for Austria during the second semi-final, after which she did not qualify for the final on Saturday night.

The complete corrected scoreboard (with place change):

1. The Netherlands (498 points)

2. Italy (472 points)

3. Russia (370 points)

4. Switzerland (364 points)

5. Sweden (334 points, one place higher)

6. Norway (331 points, one place lower)

7. Northern Macedonia (305 points, one place higher)

8. Azerbaijan (302 points, one place lower)

9. Australia (284 points)

10. Iceland (232 points)

11. Czech Republic (157 points)

12. Denmark (120 points)

13. Cyprus (109 points, two places higher)

14. Malta (107 points, two places higher)

15. Slovenia (105 points, two places lower)

16. France (105 points, two places lower)

17. Albania (90 points, one place higher)

18. Serbia (89 points, one place lower)

19. San Marino (77 points, one place higher)

20. Estonia (76 points, one place lower)

21. Greece (74 points)

22. Spain (54 points)

23. Israel (35 points)

24. Belarus (31 points, one place higher)

25. Germany (24 points, one place lower)

26. United Kingdom (UK) (11 points)

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