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After all, pink Europe Pass

NEOS acquired their Vision of the "United States of Europe" on Monday. The Pinks wished "in a few, 20 or 30 years, a European citizenship with a European passport", said Spitzenkandidatin Claudia Gamon at a press conference with the artistic hosts Karin Feldinger and Secretary-General Nick Donig, at one manifesto for the European elections.

The NEOS has also provided a model for the preferred EU passport, although in party packs, there are European-wide passages. "It is said to be Europe for the sake of being. Separating, for every European man. The FPÖ is soft for Europe, the ÖVP für ein beliebiges Europa", Donig. On the candidate list of the ÖVP, you find candidates who are mindful of a particular task and sound that daily mind. "Whatever a clear line, no small line for Europe can take." Europe can be nailed to you. "Europe is just about in the world and so is the United States of Europe." The Brexit said one thing was that Europe said so nicely, so the Secretary-General.

Another idea of ​​the 30-year-old Gamon is that the young people have no patience for this "Europe of Small". You want to sniff separations and a handy Europe. There is no doubt about the United States of Europe, in the Europeans and elsewhere on all the neighbors having active and passive electoral rights and the EU Commission has said a real European government.

Common Security & Defense Policy

Particularly important, NEOS is also a common European security and defense policy with a European army that "would be more powerful and efficient and better equipped". The program of the NEOS command was "radical, no, if not new", meant Gamon.

The NEOS was part of this week's European Tour. In the afternoon there are train stations in Hungary, on Saturday in Bratislava. "The night children lie exceptionally in their hearts", so Donig. Next Week (April 26) is the official election campaign with European guests in the Wiener Urania.

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