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Afghanistan: Death after explosion at the wedding ceremony in Kabul

In an explosion in the Afghan capital Kabul, there have apparently been many dead and injured. Interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi wrote on Twitter on Sunday that the explosion had occurred just before 11pm in the Dubai wedding hall in the southwest of the city. It was not yet clear what triggered the explosion. She had happened near the groom. Zig civilians were injured and killed.

The injured were taken to hospitals. Detailed information on the number of victims would be communicated later, Rahimi continued.

At weddings in Kabul, men and women celebrate in separate rooms. Hundreds of guests are usually invited. Dinner is usually served after 1

0 pm.

At first, no one relied on the attack. The Reuters news agency quotes witnesses according to which the wedding party belonged to the minority of Sci-Muslim. Sunni Islamists such as the Taliban or IS have repeatedly attacked Shia Muslims in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan in recent years.

About ten people were killed in a car bombing raid in Kabul just about ten days ago.

The attack on the wedding hall was the 17th major attack in the capital Kabul since January. During the previous 16, at least 113 people were killed and more than 700 injured. However, it is known that authorities keep the number of victims low for the public. The Taliban, partially terrorist militia Islamic State (IS), were known for the attacks.

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