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Adele's New Look: Popstar has yet to attend 10 kilos


Adele 2016, so we could say the singer of the year

London –

Weighing Frust and Herzschmerzballade: Pop-Star Adele has gotten rid of Ehemann Simon Konecki (45) in April and directed to new applications

Here you can read about Adele and Simon Konecki

Some weather chats are the 31

-year-old on a photo with the Spice Girls, their children's heroines, who are still a concert in London met.

Zehn Kilo has Adele purzeln welding, pitching and slanking them in the black dress and forming with two fingers one victory-sign – more straightforward they can say nothing new to their self-consciousness.

Adeles neues Live for Training: You Feel Single-Dasein

Friends are distressed by Adele, saying they are better off just like everybody. Your new single-living costs the Pop Millionin in full sows. Single-lobe here at the moment: Party-Lives. A New Yorker Swollen Club broke up with Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence (28). At one party in Los Angeles, spawns in the roles of a rapper, like spontaneous microphone and nickel vocal part on Kanye West's hit "Monster", are on the whole

Grammy-winner Ryan Tedder (39), Adeles Hit- Songs "Rumor Has It" and "Turning Tables" Produzierte, soft "US Weekly": "I tell you very often, I have the right gut."

Adeles Geburtstags-Post

Zu ihrem 31. Geburtstag am 5 May posted Adele to Instagram: "31 is a big year, and I was all alone, just with my self burnt. Very old Mal says one year old is preparing, looking around the world around me and even looking at it again. ”Adeles Pilates Program

To thank Adele ihr neues Glück very particularly Robbie Williams' Ehefrau Ayda Field (40), the Pilates Reformer Program for the Top Figure. In the case of the rated form of the whole trainings, the applications do not coincide with any matte, but provide a single set of special devices. "Adele is the new training system and works well for it," the British "Sun says. “One insider. "She has fun and looks at the current as a priority, not at work as a mother of Angelo."

Adele over the Spice Girls, their idole

The Concert hears your love-girl group, obviously, also to the new currency maker who Adele died in the last few weeks. "There is no mystery, if any of them were lovers, would they have encouraged me to have a livelihood and not to look back", the gentle,

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