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Actress Hannelore Elsner is dead «DiePresse.com

For decades, Hannelore Elsner was one of the most famous and most popular actresses in the German-speaking world. On Easter Sunday, Elsner died at the age of 76 after a short illness, which the family lawyer announced. Thus, German television and cinema lose one of their most formative faces.

Elsner was born on July 26, 1942 in Burghausen, Bavaria, near the border with Upper Austria. Even as a little girl, she must cope with the death of her beloved older brother. Soon after, the father dies. She often changes school and takes less jobs as a 14-year-old in Munich, because the money is scarce. "I was nowhere real at home," she writes in her autobiography of her youth, but also describes her incessant desire for life.

She never thought of the actress as a student. She was discovered at 16 in Munich for a walk with her mother, by Turkish director Halit Refig. After rehearsals in Istanbul she gets to the drama school but must take less roles in films with stars like Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff and Freddy Quinn. But she raved at the French film: "I always wanted to play the role later, heavy and easy at the same time."

"T" away from birth name

Your agent advised her at age 17 to limit his nose and figure out his teeth, as well as getting a scene name, Elsner recalls. She does not listen to it, just removes "t" from her birth name Elstner. At the age of 19 she is on theater stage for the first time. Five years later she is said to have been the first nude on the German scene in Kammerspiele in "Tango" (1966).

In more than 200 television and film roles, the only 1.60 meter long woman was seen. She got her first of many awards at age 29: Gold camera for Sasha's role in Chekhov's game "Ivanov". It wasn't until the turn of the millennium that she established her fame as an award-winning character actress.

She made her film debut in 1961 in the movie "The Girl with Slim Hips". Star chef Jürgen Roland entrusted her one year later in the crime series "Stålnät" her first main role. A breakthrough to international recognition is her main role in Alf Brustellins film Berlinger (1975). Three years later she shot with him "Der Fall" after a novel by Martin Walser.

Brustellin has been her partner since 1973. She had long since been separated from her first husband, the 18-year-old actor Gerd Vespermann. She gets to know Brustellin during the film recording with Elke Sommer and Mario Adorf "The Journey to Vienna" (Director: Edgar Reitz). Sagittarius helps her over her mother's sudden death, the relationship describes them so hard. Brustellin dies in a traffic accident 1981.

"Commissioner": One of the most famous TV investigators

Elsner's only child, her son Dominik, is only six months old and spent months with newborns in hospitals. Dad is director Dieter Wedel Later, Elsner is "three wonderful years" with the film producer Bernd Eichinger together in 1993. She marries the theater drama and publishing specialist Uwe Carstensen and moved with him from Munich to Frankfurt, the marriage breaks up in 2000.

Elsner was Particularly successful on TV in the ARD series "Die Kommissarin" (1994-2006), when Lea Sommer became one of Germany's most famous TV investigators, had pumps, costume and black leather jacket in almost 70 episodes, initially with Til Schweiger as assistant.

She returned to the scene with the solo part "A Dead Normal Woman" in 1996. Without this, she was not After being ready for "The Untouchables" (2000) she reports. Her portrayal of a writer marked by life gives her the German film award. Again she gets him for her screen monologue by an actress in "My latest movie" (2002) after a script by Bodo Kirchhoff. One of her great theatrical successes is her role in Doris Dörris "Cherry Blossom – Hanami" (2008) along with Elmar Wepper – who followed the successor "Cherry Blossoms & Demons" as the last screen role.

In 2015 she received a Romy [19659005] Meanwhile, 2015 with a Romy honored Elsner repeatedly demonstrated her comic page. So she's in Dani Levy's "Alles zu Zucker!" (2004) as a pale family mother. As a cloudy diva, she was the previous year in the ARD comedy "The Diva, Thailand and We!" to see.


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