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A man orders a $ 30,000 sports car from China: What he gets knocks off his socks

An American car blogger has ordered an electric sports car from China on the Internet. He can not believe his eyes when he picks up his new car.

Nowadays, almost all services and products can be ordered online. But you should make sure that you are dealing with a reputable and reliable dealer. If things go wrong, the customer gets a damaged product or one that does not meet expectations or advertising images. In addition, there are many scammers who are harmed on the Internet. Sending it back and getting your money back can therefore be extremely nervous.

A car blogger from The United States has learned this lesson the hard way when trying to get an electric car *.

Car fraud: microcar instead of sports car

The car and motorcycle blog “The Inja”

; from California grabbed a Chinese dealer named “Zhenjiang Zibon Electric Vehicles” Qiantu K50 ordered. It is an all-electric sports car that usually costs about $ 100,000. “Inja” could have a copy for 31.000 USDollar grab – at least that’s what he was thinking. The dealer promised him that the car would be delivered to his front door, but that did not happen.

A man ordered a Qiantu K50 from a Chinese car dealer online – but instead got a slightly different car.

© Qiantu

Eventually, the blogger had to go to a port 230 miles away to pick up his brand new, stylish electric car. Once there, the sight of very small woodContainer already suspects that something is wrong. Then the big disappointment: when he opens it, he discovers instead of the Qiantu K50 I ordered a small carwhich even makes a Smart look great.

The blogger recorded all this in a video:

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Words cannot describe how angry and frustrated I am right now. I’m speechless, “Inja” explains in the video. Understandable, because instead of a sports car, he now stood with one Small car with topTime 35 km/hrs where. The blogger can not say which brand it is. However, the logo looks like a mirrored Lexus symbol.

“The Inja” does not miss a joy with his new vehicle – but is even overtaken by cyclists:

Bloggers get their money back thanks to their fans

After “The Inja” uploaded several videos of his failed order campaign on Youtube and his fans had written several emails to the retailer, the retailer was finally forced repay the money. In another video, the blogger thanks his fans for this.

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Etiquette for e-car drivers: With these tips, it is simply better to drive

Nissan Leaf at a charging station.
Share: Pass on your own knowledge to other e-car drivers in forums and apps, for example when new charging stations open. © Nissan
Better digital cooperation between the authorities should speed up the application process for e-cars.  Photo: Roland Weihrauch / dpa
2. Be careful: never unplug the charging cable from other e-cars at public charging stations. This is insignificant and can also lead to injuries. © Roland Weihrauch
Parking space symbol for e-charging
3. Parking: Although e-cars are often parked for free at charging stations, do not park your car there if you do not want to charge it. Another e-car driver can quickly use the blocked space and is happy about the space on the connector. © dpa / Patrick Pleul
Cars with plug-in hybrid technology combine a conventional internal combustion engine with an e-machine and a battery.  Photo: Patrick Pleul / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa-tmn
4. Battery care: Do not drain the battery completely. If the car is stationary for a long time, you should charge it to 80 percent every 90 days and use the longevity mode (see operating instructions). © Patrick Pleul
Inside a Tesla, a man presses the touch screen.
5. Planning: Charging stops on the road can be planned well with various apps and map services. Often the stations are also programmed in the built-in navigation system. © dpa / Sven Hoppe
A white Tesla is charged at an electric charging station (symbol image).
6. Communication: If you only need to charge for a short while, you can leave a note on the car about how long you will be standing at the charging station – it will help those who are waiting to plan. © Friso Gentsch / dpa
A man measures the tire pressure while his electric car is charging.
7. Tire pressure: The most energy efficient way to drive is with the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer. © dpa / Bernd Weißbrod
20 groups of units were tested randomly. Power consumption is often higher than expected. Photo: Tobias Hase
8. Charging options: If you can plan your trips in advance, you can use all charging options: household sockets, wallbox and fast charging station. This not only saves your wallet but also the battery. © dpa / Tobias Hase
Waste is located next to a parking lot
9. Consideration: Public charging stations should be treated with care so that the next electric car driver can also charge their electricity without any problems. Even if the station is a bit remote – it’s not a dump! © dpa / Uwe Zucchi

Header list image: © Qiantu

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