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A big spende, the questions asked "DiePresse.com

Vienna. The Opposition increases the abberufung der Vizepräsidentin of the Oesterreichischen Nationalbank, Barbara Kolm. There is a large-scale and straight-forward European party family ACRE from the Umfeld of the FPÖ-nahren Wirtschaftsexpertin. Really enthusiastic about having a total of 88,000 euros, including the business triple-A, sits in this business suit Kolm, untouchable signal. Do the Großspende, who has been enlightened by the "Wiener Zeitung", gets political questions on?

Warum spends a network of single people from the OmnB Vice President and a party family that does not belong to the Austrian politician? The Alliance's European Conservatives and Reforms (ACRE) is a European party, which is linked to the European Conservatives and Reforms (EKR) in the European Parliament. A formerly conservative and EU-skeptical party was the Polish Governmental Party PiS, the British Tories, some of the law-based groups who defied that Danish People's Party (DF). Also the Liberal-Conservative Reformer, an alternative to Germany for the Bernd Lucke, is part of the group

Tackling political implications

Four of a kind spender have exactly the erosion of the 18,000 Euro obliteration, which is a real EU regulation on party financing is fixed, levels. Only one person spent 16,000 euros. The Spends went from April to November of last year. When Kolm presented the "Wiener Zeitung", it did, in the ACRE, support "a debate over free marks and an offerings Europe".

Politically interesting is the fact that spending is on, would the ACRE allow the EU to Beyond Großbritannien's in this form no more exist. So others, if the FPÖ says last year, activates the new one, spreads legal-line factions that have been installed in the European Parliament in the European Parliament.

Through the well-known Austrite of the Tories, they need Polish pies and those in the EKR Delegate Small Business New Partner. The FPÖ is therefore a member of the Europe of Nations Group and Freedom (ENF) Joint with the League of Matteo Salvini and the National Assembly of Marine Le Pen. Salvini has provided Vorgespräche with the Polish PiS to one of the cooperative cooperatives, already obtained an abduction.

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