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60-year-old imprisoned after victim theft in Lower Austria

Schottwien / Wiener Neustadt (APA) – A 60-year-old was arrested after the victims of the theft in Schottwien (district of Neunkirchen) and was taken to the Wiener Neustadt prison. When Hungarian was captured, he had a low four-digit sum of money and prepared Tatwerkzeug with him. He is said to have committed theft throughout the federal territory. The police are now looking for additional victims and witnesses.

On Tuesday, the prosecutor's order referred to photographs of the suspect. Employees of the state office for criminal investigation in the Netherlands had arrested the man in Schottwien on the evening of April 14 immediately after the crime had been committed and temporarily arrested, the executive director said in a press release. The 60-year-old account is also said to be the victim of theft on March 31 and April 7 in the parish church Schottwien. He was partially recognized. Investigations in similar cases continue

The suspect is 1.82 meters tall and medium-haired, he has executive greyish short hair and a neat appearance. Any further victims and witnesses must be reported to the police station Reichenau an der Rax (tel. 059133-3356).

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