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20 minutes – Was Starfleet already on Mars?

Mars satellite Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken amazing pictures. They show a region in Martian Crater Hellas Planitia. In the middle of it, a structure that looks like the Star Trek logo from Star Trek and other Star Trek productions.


What do you think of manned flights to Mars?

Yes, once was a Starfleet spacecraft – perhaps on a time trip – on Mars? Not when it comes to NASA. Experts at the US spacecraft believe that the shape is from a long-winded sand dune.

Former sand dunes

According to this long ago, the wind formed so-called sickle dunes that moved over Hellas Plain, which NASA writes. Then there was a volcanic eruption, after which the lava covered the ground around the quilt and froze. Dune itself was not affected. Over time, it was driven by the wind, which then left the observed shape on the ground.

Of course, apart from Mars, Star Trek fans and William Shatner were found on Mars a Star Trek logo. Original cast of Captain Kirk. On Twitter, he could not resist a sweep against the "Star Wars" universe:


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