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AT&T is the latest to cancel Galaxy Fold pre-orders

AT & T has become the latest retailer to cancel the Preorders for Galaxy Fold. In an e-mail received by Tom's Guide regarding the pre-ordering unit of the publication, AT & T said "Samsung delayed triggering the phone, which means we cannot send your phone." Tom's Guide reports that other customers also received the same email address. In April, AT&T said it expected the unit to deliver today, June 13.

Best Buy canceled their Galaxy Fold pre-orders last month, and Samsung also announced it would cancel its own pre-orders unless the customers explicitly told it otherwise.

AT&T said any money paid in advance would be refunded, and the affected customers would receive a $ 1

00 AT&T campaign card within the next 60 days. Customers can re-order Galaxy Fold through AT&T when Samsung announces a new release date, but it is unclear exactly when it will be. Samsung delayed the release of Fold two months ago after several review units, including the device sent to The Verge broke from just a few days of use.

Several Galaxy Fold Samples, Including the Device Sent
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

When the redesigned Galaxy Fold will be sent, it is still the great mystery. Last month, Samsung CEO DJ Koh said the company had reviewed the defects and would soon agree on how to deal with and added that the release "will not be too late". However, a fixed date has not been announced.

When we contacted us for comments today, a spokesman from Samsung pointed us to the company's existing statement of April 22 where the company said it would announce a new date for the release of the phone "in the next few weeks".

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