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Astronomer spot moon "flashes on us" and no one can explain why

People have noticed flashes of light from the moon for thousands of years but we still do not understand why this happens or what causes it.

The strange occurrence is known as a transient moon phenomenon (TLP) and an astronomer from Germany thinks he is about to solve this mystery of the moon.

Hakan Kayal from the University of Würzburg in Bavaria is working on a project that can reveal what causes the rapid shifts of light and darkness on the moon. [19659003] MYSTERIOUS & # 39; STAR TREK & # 39; LOGO FOUND ON MARS

He uses a completely new type of telescopic system that is based in Spain and it is already making progress, although it has only been used since April.

Kayal describes the TLP flash as light rays lasting for seconds but popular science notes that some "flashes" have been observed to light up the lunar surface for hours at a time.


Some other expert's

TLP is often observed a couple of times a week and can sometimes leave dark spots on the moon.

Popular explanations for them include meteorite impact and gas released from mooncakes reflecting

The first confirmed observation of the TLP was made by a Russian astronomer in 1

958 and the European Space Agency has then made a special telescope called NELIOTA, which discovered that the flash is happening much more often, as people first thought. 19659003] Therefore, the flashing moon explains so hard because it happens so often and there can be several reasons for it.

Kayal's new telescope system, which is still being developed, is a fairly low budget and involves two telescopes that constantly observe the moon with cameras and relay what they see to computers powered by artificially intelligent software.


This AI software is tasked with distinctive moon flaps from other light phenomena, such as meteorites, so the possible causes of TLP can be reduced.

Astronomers find it important to understand what causes the phenomenon before humans reach the moon again as some of the explanations for TLP can be dangerous.

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