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As Fortnite Popularity Increases, PUBG Dev agrees its game has "Fallen Short"

This time last year, it was PUBG who set the record and got the most attention in the battle Royale genre, but now Fortnite dominates almost every way. Part of what makes Fortnite so appealing is to develop Epic Games updates and game in a close constant ground with new content and tweaks, which encourages players to keep coming back to see what's new and improved. And, in turn, more people spend money on free-to-game game microtransactions, which, as a matter of fact, have been incredibly lucrative. PUBG also updates regularly, but now the developer PUBG Corp. acknowledged that the game has "fallen short" in some way.

In a recent blog post, the studio said that it was focused on renting as part of its attempt to "invest in [PUBG̵

7;s] ongoing development." Together with the job, the studio works with new content – like the Sanhok map – and different "quality of life" improvements. In addition, the studio works with "a series of aggressive anti-cheat actions" for PUBG. The studio has made progress and the game is generally a better place now, but there have not been sunshine and rainbows for PUBG Corp.

"Although we have made some meaningful improvements to PUBG, we have fallen short of other ways," said the developer. "The players have rightly called us to fail to address complaints about performance, and recently we have not done the best job of communicating about the changes we make in the game."

To address this published PUBG Corp. the first in a series of "Dev Letters" aimed at providing the gaming community and updating what has happened to the studio and what they can expect from PUBG forward.

The complete blog post is very profound and well worth reading for PUBG fans. Briefly, the company lists three main priorities that PUBG Corp will focus on in the future, including performance, optimization of server pages and cheating.

In the future, the new Sanhok map would be available on PUBG's live servers "before the end of June." After that, the studio will launch new vehicles and a weapon that will be exclusive to Sanhok.

"We will have a lot more to share about the other sweets coming to Sanhok in the next few weeks," said the developer. "There is so much work we have to do to truly deliver PUBG's potential."

Although PUBG may not be as popular as it once was, it's still an absolute juggernaut. It had more than 1.5 million simultaneous players on Steam today, which puts it on top of Steam's most played playing field. That number is down from a record peak of around 3 million. The game is also on Xbox One and mobile where it is also extremely popular.

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