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A’s fan created GoFundMe to conjure up Astros with ‘Asterisks’ flight banners

Austin Allen’s single to get Matt Chapman at the bottom of the 13th set things up for Marcus Semien in A’s 3-2 win over the Houston Astros on Friday night.

The semi sealed the deal with a walk-off single to midfield. The semi smiled celebrated with an ice bath from Tony Kemp. It was a much needed victory over the Astros for both the Semien and the A’s.

For Semien, the big hit was long overdue.

“For me, it’s trying to be on time,” Semien told reporters after the 13-inning game. “I̵

7;ve struggled with my timing a bit, so just being on time, and the same thing with Austin. Like I said, that guy got guys chasing up, so anything that’s hard and a little lower, just attack it. I put in a lot of work earlier in the day just to try to hit the line driver to the opposite field and it’s a good feeling when it clicks because it hadn ‘t clicked for a while. “

The semi did not hit the ball hard, he explained. And when that happens, there’s a reason for it.

“My stroke feels good, but sometimes it’s approach, sometimes it’s timing – posture, many things that can be,” Semien added. “That’s what early work is for cage work. When you are in the game, you just have to compete. “

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Semien said he needs to create habits that work.

“It’s tough because you think you have to think about everything,” Semien added.

Semie was not sure what that trick would consist of: Would he have to work on his swing? Not necessarily. Time was definitely a factor, but Semien also believes that opposing teams attacked him differently.

That seems to be the case when he leaves a third-place AL MVP season after him in 2019.

“They’re more careful, you saw that with Texas,” Semien said. “I try to take the low pitches, sometimes they call them, and you’re just in 0-for-3 like that. I think today was a good day to build. “

“They know that last year I put up some good numbers and you do not get much to beat. You think you’ll just get the same pitches they threw last year and that’s part of it, kind of created some bad habits early on. Even since the spring and summer camp, I had not really run the ball well. ”

Semien said he works on it every day. It has not gone unnoticed.

“Marcus, I think has set the tone and built the culture here,” A-starter Chris Bassitt told reporters during his post-game availability. “Of course I think so [Matt] Chapman and [Matt] Olson and these guys have taken on only the work ethic that Semien provides every day. “

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Bassitt himself had a good outing, which allowed only three hits and a earned run in seven innings. That gives his total results to just two earned races in 16 2/3 rounds this season. But this was not about him right now despite his solid outing in the 13th round. He wanted to give Semien his moment.

“It’s not about when [Semien] goes up to the plate, but when he does, you know you get the best effort from him every night, Bassitt said. It does not matter which bat, which inning. Anytime he goes up with the game on the line, I’m extremely confident in him. “

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