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Article 9: Make a style statement this season with breathtaking jewelry


Are you still in for shopping the same traditional diamond rings online? It is 2020 and there are a lot of things you need to know then. If you are thinking of making a style statement this season, you need to know all the jewelry trends that are in this season. Also, you need to learn about the trends that have been the thing of past or outdated. And also, there are a few that never go out of style but every season they do get a few tweaks which will be presented again. 

So here are is a list of things that are in and out this season so that you can make a style statement this season with the trendy jewelry 


They are the one thing that will never go out of style. Reason: They match with all the dresses. There are a few tweaks every season and they making this style relevant than ever before. The timeless trend this season is taking the bulkier shape route and such that it suits every face. 


Chain jewelry

There are gold rings for women that are taking the spare change of the world and they are turning quite the spectacle. Chains of all shapes and sizes and then then they are popping ut in every designer collection we see these days. The thick is the new trend and the thick chain link chokers and also the gold rings are in trend.

Vintage Collage

It is an easy task to say goodbye to clothing that is vintage but not for the jewelry. It may be seeming impossible for you to say goodbye to the outdated jewelry. For example, the heavy bib necklaces are not fashionable anymore and they are a bit restrictive this season. But statement hoops are all in. They come in different shapes and sizes that they can be mixed and matched too.

Say no to Blackened Metals

Also, black metal jewelry is not in use anymore and while you may love wearing it, it is not trendy. So, you can see that the world is moving toward the bright hues and colors and leaving the black metal behind. This year, it is the color of blue and turquoise. You can get creative with this stone and it can be paired up with semis precious and precious stones like diamonds and emeralds.



Hence, take your pick and if you want to make a statement, in any event, you are attending, make sure to check the trends for sure. For example, substantial earrings are in for the season and you can also shop for the gold hoop and a statement earring if you follow the styles and trends. Also, you can wear them on a white tee and a pair of jeans too. People these days are liking simple but you can try and get unique designs on everyday pieces too. Try and relate to the piece of jewelry you are purchasing before making a stylish statement. Find a reason or a cause to shop for the particular piece.