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Arlo Security Light is cordless and works with security cameras

Netgear has launched a new product in Arlo Product Line, Arlo Security Light. As the name suggests, this Arlo product is designed to highlight potential outdoor threats, work wirelessly and with the manufacturer's existing security cameras. This light is part of the Arlo Smart Home Security portfolio. It has a completely cordless design.

Arlo Security Light is weatherproof and designed for outdoor use, attached to the side of a home or garage. The model has LED lights and customization features that include flashing and changing colors. The beam width may also resize, all three helping to alert the prowler while they hopefully scare them away.

Users can set the light to automatically blink any color, including red or using synchronized patterns when motion is detected. The illumination effect can be triggered by a motion occupied by a light or by one of the Arlo security cameras. Thus, the safety light doubles as a visual warning that draws everyone's attention to the potential presence of an unwanted person.

Users can adjust the motion sensitivity to meet their individual needs. No professional help is needed to install the lights, which include user-friendly and rechargeable batteries, plus a mounting kit. In exchange, the lamps can also be used with a small option solar panel, but it must be purchased separately.

Arlo Security Light can be controlled using Amazon Alexa and voice commands, like the Arlo app. Alerts are provided via push messages and e-mail. The company offers its latest security products individually for $ 1

49.99 USD, as well as in 2-camera and 3-camera bundles for up to $ 349.99 USD.

Source: Netgear

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