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Arkansas woman shooting, killing pornography, police say

An Arkansas woman was arrested on Saturday after telling police that she shot and killed her husband because he bought pornography, officials said.

Jefferson County Sheriff Office said in a press release that there was a call around 02:30 from 69-year-old Patricia Hill, who told reporters that she just shot her 65-year-old Frank.

When the police arrived at the home, located about 36 miles south of Little Rock, they found Frank Hill dead in a shed on the property. Hill held two shots to the upper body and lower body, according to the police.

The Sheriff's Office said that, during an interview with Hill, she told investigators that she came home and cut to her property to meet her husband, but

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Frank Hills's body was found in a shed on the couple's property.


"But Mrs Hill stated that she was dissatisfied with her husband's purchase of videopornography via the TV guide, which she interrupted at the discovery of the purchase, but Mr. Hill managed to put a subsequent order," May. Lafayette Woods, Jr. said. "Mrs. Hill stated that she came into the shed and asked her husband to leave but he refused."

5 MEMBERS OF A FAMILY FAMILY DEATH IN TEXAS COLLECTIONS HOME, NURSING HOME IN MURDER-SUICIDE, POLICE SPECIFIC [19659011] When her husband did not leave the shed, Hill told investigators that she went back to her home and got one. 22 caliber gun.

She went back to the shelf a short time later, where she came in and shot her husband twice and hit him once in the leg and once in the head, Woods said. "Soon after shooting, Mrs. Hill that she returned inside the residence, where she returned the gun and called 911 to report the shot. "

At this time, investigators do not consider the incident to have anything to do with self-defendants, FOX16 reported.

Hill is currently in Jefferson County's detention center on the felony likely to be the cause of assassination in her husband's shot-dead without binding, and will stay until her court date next week.

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