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Arkansas ranks 3rd for most active flu cases

If you haven't got your flu shot, you might want Arkansas now rank number three in the nation for the most active flu cases.

The latest Walgreens influenza index keeps track of the number of recipes for Tamiflu, which helped identify the Little Rock and Pine Bluff area.

The Arkansas Department of Health told CATS that they are not surprised to see this high ranking for the state.

"We do not have the best influenza vaccination rates in this part of the United States," says Dr. Jennifer Dillaha, ADH's Immunization Director.

Dillaha receives the high number of flu cases for a shift in viruses from H1

N1 to H3N2

"H3N2, which now circulates, has a small difference, so even though the vaccine works really well against it, it is not perfect so we see people with breakthroughs, "she added.

So far, 63 Arkansans have died because of the flu, and while that number is much lower than wh in the health department last year, health experts hope that more will be vaccinated.

"People who get the flu vaccine can still get the flu and people need to understand it. We want the vaccine to be more effective than it is, but we know that even when people get the flu, it can give their immune system enough for a head start . "

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