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Arizona Cardinals GM told officer he was the director of security before DUI seized, police say

The Secretary General of Arizona Cardinals Steve Keim told police that he was the team's security director before being arrested with suspicions of DUI on July 4, the police said.

Keim was taken over in Chandler outside Phoenix. A police approached Keim's vehicle and was able to "smell a strong smell of an alcoholic drink" and noticed that Keim's eyes were "bloodshed and watery", FOX10 Phoenix reported and cited a police report.

Keim gave his name to the officer, but said he was "Security Officer of Arizona Cardinals," said the police. Keim was observed to drive incorrectly in Chandler before being pulled over, they said.

He told the officer that he was from a friend's house and that he had two beers while he ate pizza according to Phoenix Phoenix. He refused to participate in a field-proof test, referring to a "bad knee".

Keim also told the officer he worked with Sean McKenzie. However, the official in the police report wrote that they thought Keim referred to officer Sean McKenzie who was killed in an unfortunate collision in 2014.

Keim was later arrested for DUI. It was unclear what his blood alcohol content was at that time.

The Cardinal Officer apologized in a statement saying he regretted his "poor judgment".

"All associated with NFL and its teams are kept to a high standard of behavior and I have obviously failed to fulfill it. I apologize to our organization and its fans as well as to my family," Keim said. " I accept full responsibility for my actions and hold me fully responsible. Moving forward I will take action to ensure that I never put myself or cardinals in this kind for the situation again. "

The cardinals said in a statement the team was aware of the incident and Keim reported his actions to the league required by the personal data policy.

Keim was convicted of DUI 1996, according to ESPN.

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