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Ariana Grande owns an epic musical challenge during her "Tonight Show" Takeover – Watch!

Ariana Grande took over Tonight Show along with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, where she performed her new single "No Tears Left to Cry" after a night of fun sketches and a sit-down interview with Fallon to became surprisingly emotional.

The songwriter – who performed on Tonight Show several times earlier – kicked things with a bandage where she surprised their fans when they sang "One Last Time."

After the adorable segment, it showed 24 year-old pop star again, his sketch comedy chops (as she already showed when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 2016), in one of Fallon's famously odd sketches "NBD", where the couple played two divorced hipsters trying to behave.

However, the highlight of the night came when the couple played the "Musical Genre Challenge", where they tried to sing singles in a completely different genre.

Fallon tried his hand first and sang Ed Shee Sprang's "Shape of You" was set to a blow ̵

1; with the sense of praise – and in a strange way it was one of the better "Shape of You" covers that you likely will hear.

However, this performance is blown out of the water when Grande rose up and shone a rendering of Kendrick Lamb's "Humble" in the Goth Rock style (or as Grande expressed it, "like the 2003 Evanescence goth" or "Hot Topic shopping goth ").

Fallon followed it with a Johnny Cash-style landslide imaging of Usher's "Yeah" before Grande closed the whole thing with a bombastic performance of the Dragon Plan "God's Plan" in the style of the 90's pop diva.

The singer also sat down with Fallon on the interview couch, where she opened her new music and her upcoming album, which Fallon revealed with the title Sweetener.

The host asked about the title of the album and what it means when it comes to her upcoming music.

"Because it's related to giving light to a situation, or someone's life, or someone who gives light to your life," Grande shared. "Sweetening the situation."

Every little detail Grande shared wild enthusiastic reactions from their fans in the audience.

"My album comes this summer," said Grande to a cacophony of cheers. Grande even suggested a release date and told Fallon that it will come out in about three months.

Fallon also raised the scary terrorist attack at Manchester Arena almost a year ago and told Grande that he understood why she had not interviewed the tragedy and thanked her for everything she had done in the event of the events.

"Thank you for coming to our show and being strong and entertaining." Fallon said, became silent emotional as he reflected on the event. "And to go back to Manchester and make an advantage, I thought it was great of you and I just think you're so strong and so cool."

A somewhat gloomy Grande thanked Fallon for his kind words and became emotional while reading an essay, she had written about the tragedy.

Finally, the pop star released the show with a pre-recorded performance in front of a living audience of her new single "No More Tears Left to Cry."

The number, performed on a MC Escher inspired set that celebrated the song's psychedelic music video, earned a huge applause to Grande and marked the song's television broadcast debut.

For more about "No more tears left to cry," Grandes's first new single since the Manchester Arena attack, check out the video below.

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