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Zello: how the app currently works

The Coronavirus pandemic promoted new digital ways of communicating, and recently a mobile application has become a trend: Zello. But what is it for and how is it used?

Zello is a free chat app available on Android, iOS and Windows 10 that works as a “traditional practical”, also called Push-to-talk: you just have to press a (virtual) button to send a voice message to someone and the sound will be heard on the other person’s phone without them doing anything.

It is also possible to access any of the channels (public or private) where the conversation is conducted in a group and sends a message to a certain number of people.

The fun thing about this application is that it has no messages, it directly plays the voice message when it arrives and regardless of whether the application is open. This practical experience can obviously create discomfort for many people and allow for jokes.

It is important to clarify that if the mobile phone is switched off or in “do not disturb”

; mode, the application will go to “Busy” mode. This allows it to store all voice messages arriving and the user can listen to them when available.

According to what they reported, the quarantine promoted its use and it has already registered more than 100 million people around the world.

Here is a summary of Zello:

IT DOES? It is a program for sending audio messages in the “traditional practical” style. When I send it, the other person plays immediately regardless of whether the application is open or not.

How do I download it? In the virtual stores of Android, iOS and Windows 10

HOW MUCH? It’s completely free.

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