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Why does PRO want to see Elisa Carrio as senator candidate?

The number is not displayed in the roulette. But Casa Rosada already lowered the order to wager up to 40. It is the percentage vote set as a minimum goal to allow Mauricio Macri to be re-elected in the first round next year. It would have to surpass that figure and surpass the other by more than ten points to shame without a vote . With peronism divided into PRO, they believe that it is possible. Although they acknowledge that the plan will only have scaffolding if they throw all meat on the grill to go through 40%.

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] The strategy of giving votes to Macri was launched with the announcement of Maria Eugenia Vidal's Revulsion Intentions and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, as well as the unification of the election where Cambiemos is ruled. In the last few days, following the alarms that led the government through the proliferation of investigations confirming a fall in the presidential image (to the heat the pension reform, tariffs and the number of offside ministers ), other gains began to be mixed. One of the most ambitious games ̵

1; and even one of the most difficult to specify – is to convince Elisa Carrió to play again.

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The sword of Porteño Macrism had to float the shirt to reveal that the leader of the civil coalition last year left his ambition to appear in province and joined the list of deputies in the capital. Now they instructed him to reflect the operative "Lilita 2019", which Larrea's team had left in draft after the devastating triumph of 2017, when the Carrios ticket repelled 51% . Only Chacho Alvarez exceeded that percentage.

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What is the mission? In softening repairs like chaqueña interposed in the early stages to lead the list of the senate. It is the vote that is attached to the president's binomial, which is why the shift plants consider that the drag effect is the key to maximizing the results in the first round . In the same boards, Macri can now exceed the magic figure of 45% that would speed it beyond the escort adds. And begin to consider the risks of a second round where the administration would be summarized and any rival could concentrate a possible disease of half plus one.

Of all spoken on the little table by Porteño the chief, finishing Diego Santilli, Fernando Starface, Felipe Miguel, Bruno Screnci, Eduardo Machiavelli and Francisco Quintana. One of the members of that tribe – meeting weekly in the avant-garde headquarters of Parque Patricios – Clarín commented on the ambivalent answer Carrio gave to a sender before a trip abroad that he returned yesterday.

# "I will do everything needed to recover Macri."

"I undertake the electorate to be deputy for four years."

historically, Carrio's view of being part of the upper house, an environment that he considers worthy. Therefore, Larreta and the company have another argument to turn the arm: that his presence is again necessary to stop the challenge of Martín Lousteau . The brand new associated radical figure in the list of enemies of Carrió, which for a while integrates "Coti" Nosiglia and "Tano" Angelici. The PRO wants to reject the list of senators if asked to meet Larreta.

Despite the fact that he was not a member of the Civic Coalition of Buenos Aires, two weeks ago, the deputy assistant proposed with the national director of UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, the conditions for city change, the only district where the ruling coalition is absent. He took Maximiliano Ferraro, a reference for Lilitos Porteños, for lunch on a pan-American grill, which gave Clarín the idea of ​​"Carrió Senator" circulated through the "Farm" of the Exaltación de la Cruz where the legislature lives. But it was stopped: "We have not yet begun talking about candidatures."

In the radical camp, rumors also bounced. "Macri will not get another to play with Carrió to get 40 percent", analyzes a delegate in the district to the national committee that talks with PRO and citizens, but rejects the conditioning. [19659011] Despite the differences with Rosada, the historical leader makes the same accounts: in the first round of 2015, the President received 34.15% of the votes and added six points after the wage of Management would not be an easy task. He obviously warns that if Lousteau finally goes to STEP against Larreta, they can not prevent him from using the Senate ticket. "If we go with change in the capital, we have the right to hang the national polls where we do not go with our own candidates," he says.

The operator is running and Lilita Carrio has the last word. ]
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