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While one of the children in "El Patón" Basile remains a refugee, his twin refused to testify – 06/25/2019

Emiliano Ariel Basile, one of Patón Basile's sons, is accused of killing a 32-year-old man with his twin brother Nahuel in a transit discussion. Arrested at his home in Quilmes, on Tuesday he refused to testify . His brother remains a refugee.

"El Patón" is a famous boxer, WBC Latin heavyweight champion 2013 and he also participated in the series "El Marginal". It is close to Unioners Truckers, Hugo and Pablo Moyano.

According to justice, the twins José Luis "El Polaco" killed Fuhr (32) a few meters from his house in Esteban Echeverría, in the afternoon of May 24. south of GBA. The young man worked at a mechanical workshop in Lanús and filmed that afternoon when he entered his house on Garay Street at 300, "hurried," "angry." There he lived with Cinthia Lizarro (26), his girlfriend, a year ago

"The girl first explained that he was angry because they wanted to steal the motorcycle. He had lost his wallet, he was upset because he had a bad day and he argued with someone on the road. In his house there were security cameras and the sequence was filmed. It is seen with the motorcycle, which leaves it in the way, a verbal fight with which it happens in motorcycle. goes in for a few minutes, his girlfriend says he grabs the keys and he comes out to get in his car, which parked in front of him. The meters are thrown and killed, "explained legal sources.

The truth is that when Fuhr crossed roads with the motorcycle where two people traveled, he went down with a "jimmy-type iron" and before he could do anything, he was shot to kill. The witnesses heard four hits and confirmed that before they killed him, they told him: "Are you fit, yeah?" "At least two people recognized the Basile brothers in the video of the moment of the crime. Judges approved the arrest warrant and began searching Fuhr had been imprisoned for seven years. So far, they did not find a motive for the offense other than a cumbersome struggle.

Police sources suggest that Emiliano Basile as he has no record, he was captured in his partner's house in Quilmes Oeste, and in the search they found a .22 caliber weapon. It would not be consistent with what was used in the event, but it was not registered. They accuse him of being a motorcycle driver, they still see "intensely for Nahuel Basile" and are waiting for their arrest.


Gonzalo "El Patón" Basile, 45, with Hugo Moyano. (@PatonBasile)

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