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WhatsApp via Siri: Apple wants its virtual assistant to use the popular app by default

Currently, when a user asks Siri to send a message to a friend, [virtualhelpservice by default uses iPhone applications for example, iMessage. This is particularly inconvenient because it is one of the services that users do not use as compared to WhatsApp which, to be used with the assistant, must be specifically said

Given this fact announced Apple Inc. that in its plans is update of the iPhone software at the end of the year to give it a more important place for third-party applications in Apple's operating system, so far apps have been developed directly of the company from Cupertino, California occupies a dominant space [1


One of the most relevant parts of this update, reports Bloomberg will be Siri will use the applications that people use most often to communicate with their contacts no matter what the messaging app developed by third party .

In this way, if the user's relationship to, for example, WhatsApp is very close, the virtual assistant automatically opens the app instead of starting to work with iMessage . Other services such as Telegram or Lime are also considered as the possible new options to send texts.

In addition, this new Siri functionality in applications is also expected to be enabled for telephone calls but with regard to the point users do not have too many problems that are related to instant messages .

All of these decisions were announced by the US company following a investigation conducted by Bloomberg regarding the way the company supported the applications developed by its own employees in relationship with those created by third parties in the App Store .

In this sense, it is important to note that iPhone [1945] 9005] contains a list of apps pre-installed and configured by default which complicates the arrival of some services made by people who are connected from Apple to all consumers.

These types of practices have been considered as a consideration and because of this, a antitrust panel from the House of Representatives asked the company about this policy . In response, a spokesman for Apple stated that within their app store they have "many successful competitors" .

He also noted that pre-installed apps on their smartphones only represent 0.00002% of the approximately two million applications found in the App Store . He also noted a new feature added with iOS 13, from which all types of applications are marketed whether Apple or not .

How to ask Siri to send a message via WhatsApp

While it is not yet possible to tell Siri to send a message and this action is done through WhatsApp from automatically there are some voice commands to perform the task. Here we explain how to do it and obviously the first step is to make sure that Siri is activated .

If not enabled, only telephone settings should be specified and from there go to the General option then to the Availability later to Consult Siri and this is where you are the button to turn on the virtual assistant.

When Siri is enabled, should ask for your help . If the iPhone is a model before 8, it will go through the Home button ; if later, it will have the side button . Afterwards it must be mentioned: "Hello, Siri, can you send a WhatsApp message?" It is important to enter the application at the end so that is later granted permission and can access it.

Later Siri will ask who will send the message and what words he will say . Then the person must pronounce the exact phrase which he wants to send and before sending it the assistant will ask for confirmation . At this point it should be noted that Siri will not write with punctuation marks, but with tildes.

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