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What was the magician Alex's narco VIP business: a reserved witness and the key phone – 02/11/2019

The show "Alex Illusionist" was a constant game of reality and fiction. When the spectators, converted to partenaires more than once, followed him in the fiction play, he reminded them of reality. And vice versa. In the psychological disgust he moved his chips. Then the dollar bills were split into the air, the items suddenly disappeared, what was there would no longer show up or it would be in another room in the room.

In that game, but of pure reality and without fiction, the investigation to end the story of the double crime Leonardo Fernández (53) known as "Alex Illusionist", and his girlfriend, Jessica Alberti Cigola (24) . Their bodies appeared in an apartment in San Fernando, although the tip of the bullet was an attack on a house in Parque Patricios, owned by the magician.

The three defendants' arrests arrived quickly. Alexis Miguel Bonnet (28) acknowledged that he had been hired to "empty the house" and his legal complication focuses on that fact. Their assumed employers, the stepbrother Roberto Juan Alegre (41

) and Rubén Andrés Grasso (36) are already charged with the robbery (at least $ 150,000) and also for the murder.

According to autopsies, the crime occurred at 23:30 on Thursday 24, that is, almost 23 hours after the couple entered the ward on 25 de Mayo street. The magician was hit with a blunt object to the head with a blunt object, while the girl was stabbed in the throat and punched in the face. The path of one eye was destroyed.

The magician's artistic activities were especially developed in the Nordelta area. There, with his verba and his intriguing personality, he turned to good financial profiles.

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As advanced Clarín the main hypothesis that the researchers handle points to a debt that a Nordelta businessman had with the magician. The consumer and VIP client, this man would have ordered Grasso to "squeeze" the magician to get back $ 22,000 which he had recently paid as part of the overdue balance. But everything went out of hand and ended in a double murder.

  Drugs and elements to divide them, including those found in the magic house

Drugs and elements to divide them, among other things, found in the house of the magician "Alex", in Patricios Park.

"Everything related to double crime is clear, how and who did it, but there is still more to know why and if there are others who are responsible," said the investigative sources to Clarín .

On Friday, another link joined the information chain on the case, which, so advanced this newspaper, has a direct line with the narco business . A witness about a reserved identity offered information that accelerated certain proceedings by Prosecutor Alejandro Musso (UFI in San Fernando) at the end of the week.

The action was concentrated in a house in San Justo, where the judicial agents arrived by careful testimony from the witness. Upon arrival, they met an 82-year-old woman and her 60-year-old son. After identification it was confirmed that they were old "Alex" aunt and cousin.

The inspection found $ 20,000. , hidden in a letterhead with the VHS cassette box containing location and day information for an illusionist show. Next to the money was a notebook with notes that allowed us to conclude that Fernández used the house as a hiding place for his narco collection.

  Cocaine was found in the magicians department

Cocaine was found in the magicians department "Alex", in Patricios Park. There will be new raids at that location.

The money and the drug road doesn't stop there. Prosecutor Musso requested trading with extensive information from a private bank, where "Alex" concentrated his business, to see if there are accounts in pesos and dollars and safes.

The witness was very illustrative at the time of telling about his relationship with the magician and about the business format he had set up. Great host and attentive to details, "Alex" received his customers directly at his recycled house in Patricios Park. He did not use middlemen of any kind and the commercial relationship in general also opened to a personal and private nexus.

  The scene of double crime, in a San Fernando section. Fernández was beaten to death and, to his girlfriend, pinched.

The double crime scene, in an apartment in San Fernando. Fernández was beaten and killed to his girlfriend.

The house has a terrace where "Alex" set up a luxurious playroom with two sectors: one covered and another outdoor. Armchairs, TV, audio equipment and bar on one side. Whirlpool and Jacuzzi on the other hand. It was deliveries and payments, lively meetings with drinks and long conversations. For him, all his customers were VIPs.

The second basic step Musso hopes to take is access to the information about the half-brothers arrested for the crime (on Wednesday he would have the report from that expert report) and everything that the latest Motorola model of "Alex" Fernández might contain, which you should wait about ten days. "I think with that information we can have everything ready," added Musso to Clarín .

  Chronology of the murder of the magician and his partner

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