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What two retirement plans have been contesting the podium for the past 15 years?

At the forefront of rankings in different terms, the two products coincide in their investments in the US market.

If there is a financial product that is asked to be consistent in the long-term results, the plans are for pensions. Two plans stand out several times for their results in different terms. This is the BBVA Telecommunications Plan BBVA Pensions and Standard Orange & Poor's 500 Plan, marketed by ING and managed by Revenue 4 .

Both plans lead the 15-year profitability ranking with an average annual re-evaluation of 8.49%. Over the past decade, the best plan is the one marketed by ING, which accumulates an average annual return of 1

4.60%, compared to the other classified, that of BBVA, with 13.16%. If results are taken since 2014, the classification is changed and BBVA Plan Telecomunicaciones is the most profitable, with an annual average of 13.94%, compared to 12.36% of ING, which is the third. Second, Allianz USA slides out of Allianz Popular Pensions by 12.46%.

Against the background of what usually happens, the two plans are also placed on short-term head positions. Over the past twelve months, BBVA Plan Telecomunicaciones is the second most profitable in the entire market with a revaluation of 10.69%, just behind Deutsche Bank RV Global by Deutsche Zurich Pensions . The Orange S&P 500 plan is the fourth with 9.44%.

The two plans have in common that they are aimed at aggressive profiles when investing in equities and are therefore mainly recommended to investors with a distant horizon for retirement. In addition, both products coincide in their exposure to the US market, whose bullish rally lasts for more than 10 years.

BBVA Pensions launched its BBVA telecommunications plan 20 years ago and has more than 11,000 participants. It is a variable income fund that invests at least 75% of its assets in companies in the technology and telecommunications sector. As of September 30, the fund is investing 63% in the technology sector and 23% in the telecommunications sector.

Among the securities that have the highest weight in the portfolio are US giants such as Apple (7.80% of total assets), Microsoft (7.50%), Facebook (2.61%), Alphabet (Google) Class C (2.49%) and Class A (2.39%), Intel (2 , 02%), AT&T (1.76%), as well as payment companies Visa (2.18%) and Mastercard (1 78%). It also highlights its participation in the French engineering consultancy Altran Technologies (2.43%).

As for the S&P 500 Orange Plan, it is marketed by ING and managed by Renta 4 and has more than 22,000 participants. Its investment policy is focused on replicating the Standard & Poor's index 500. As the plan invests in dollars, the US index's profitability may rise or fall depending on currency developments.

To replicate the behavior of the index, the Fund basically invests in ETFs or listed funds, such as Luxury S&P 500 UCits ETF Amundi S&P 500 Ucits ETF DB X-Trackers S&P 500 and iShares S&P 500 B Acc . It also invests in futures on the index. Treasury is distributed in dollars and euros.

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