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What the White House said about the conversation between Donald Trump and Alberto Fernández – 11/01/2019

The White House issued a statement on Friday night about President Donald Trump's and elected President Alberto Fernández without too much detail and where did not indicate that there had been support in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund . However, he emphasized US support. to "overcome the economic challenges" in Argentina.

"President Donald Trump today called president-elect Alberto Fernández to congratulate him on his recently elected victory," the text begins.

Then they add that "the two leaders discussed the robust bilateral relationship between the United States and Argentina, as well as the extensive relations between our two countries and our citizens."

  White House communication on the conversation between Donald Trump and Alberto Fernández.

House Communication Blanca on the Conversation between Donald Trump and Alberto Fernández.

"President Trump expressed the desire of the United States to continue the positive bilateral relationship especially in the areas of security, democracy and economic development. "He adds.

These points were not included in the message disseminated from Fernandez's lines and are the United States' main problem because it involves border security, drug trafficking and international crime.

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"President Trump fra also stated the various commitments with Argentina and expressed support from the United States to help overcome economic challenges, "the statement concluded.

On Trump's behalf, Trump said He told him that the United States would work with Argentina in the International Monetary Fund. "I have instructed the IMF to cooperate with you, do not hesitate to call me," said the US president according to albertismo. However, the White House did not provide public details on this option.

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