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What is orthomolecular medicine?

Linus Pauling (a brilliant psyche of the twentieth century) coined the term "orthomolecular medicine" at nineteen sixteen in the Science magazine. It is a therapy that emphasizes the use of natural substances such as vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber and short bowel fatty acids (SCFA), to prevent and treat diseases.

People age or fall ill for various reasons. Among them are the sun, tobacco, stress, poor nutrition, hormonal and / or genetic situations that generate too much cellular wear. That is, "we get drunk" by changing the chemistry in our body, which causes cell degradation (disease or aging of the cells).

How does it work?

The usual medicine works in the environment (sewage is built, drinking water is provided, etc. and with the disease (doctors indicate "anti" biotics, "anti" inflammatory, "anti" hypertensive, etc. That is, the usual medicine works "

On the contrary, orthomolecular therapy works to encourage the individual's personal potential to live a life to the limit of quality. It is like a high-performance workout but not of sports but rather of his life.

The procedure works in a progressive, respectful and natural way in four areas of the patient:

-Physical exercise (the movement as regulator of "brain and body chemistry").

-Food (with an inserted rdenamiento in the feeding: remember that according to helenos "the first pharmacy is the kitchen"), and trace elements that can restore function and fully regenerate the organism.


WHO not only recognizes it as a medical system which is capable, valid and logical to prevent, but rather to cure diseases, increase the well-being and quality of life of healthy people or patients with: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune, neurological, psychosomatic, osteoarticular, nephritic, aesthetic disorders, etc. [19659002] This type of medication has no contraindication, as long as they do not have synthetic elements, hormones and do not generate side effects in known and used doses. It can be done in adults and children. It is without a doubt a safe and reliable medical system.

Orthomolecular medicine has many benefits, including: deep cleansing of the body, increased vitality usually, flexibility and cleaning of arteries, increased immune system (defense), brain stimulation (attention, concentration and memory), contributes to disease prevention and is a complement in the treatment of established diseases.

Tips for starting

To follow medicine and achieve a better quality of life, I always recommend:

-Make a complete and annual clinical check (if possible instructed by a medical specialist in antiage as they tend to be more detailed).

– Nutrition by reducing flour and refined sugars, increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables and also increasing the consumption of sea fish (proteins with high biological value). [19659002] -Do physical activity.

– Reduce alcohol and tobacco as much as possible.

-Use and always use sun protection factors to take care of the skin from the effects of the sun in each of the seasons.

– Drink eight to ten cups of water a day and maintain a joy to live for life. Good advice: move the protest over the feeling of gratitude whenever you can.

Antiage medicine is a homonym for quality of life. To get the best version of yourself. It is never too late or too early to choose to have an extra ordinary quality of life and achieve the best version of oneself.

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