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What Fernandez or Fernandez, Fernandez! – 05/18/2019

There is an easy way to explain and understand what Alberto Fernández's presidential candidate means: the first time in human history is that a candidate for vice president announces who will be a candidate for president. Everyone said.

Before I congratulate him on the nomination, I would like to ask Alberto Fernandez, since this week he himself revealed the list of judges that kirchnerismo thought to cut the balls to him for profit, if it would be so nice to deliver the complete list of all Argentine citizens to those who planned to happen with the knife, so we take advantage of the Hot Sale of tickets in recent days. Of course thank you very much.

Despite the first surprise, it was possible to understand what the real strategy was to Cristina, Máximo and Parrilli in the Patria Institute's geopolitical quarters, closer to the small table between the cabinet and the refrigerator. It is the same little table they used in 201

7, 2015 and 2013. They keep it as a solitaire because they can come up with the great brilliance.

It is clear that the plan is to put Alberto Fernández in the ring of kirchnerismo so that the world thinks that when they will perform well and that they will no longer be the fine batucade of authoritarian, uneven and corrupt which Alberto Fernández himself condemned for 8 years.

If he wins they leave him playing for a while in Rivadavia's armchair while they will work in the courtroom to close all criminal cases, they will cut the balls to the judges (it was actually the first announcement of the election platform) and then with cleared road , takes Ex Ella and finished . The only detail that they have not yet explained to Alberto is that the little red dot that appeared on the forehead is not how does this news fall in Greenland? From the beginning it was a hot water bucket (there is a bucket of cold water not surprising).

As I have told, dear readers, the Greenlanders are very enthusiastic about the idea that Cristina Kirchner is returning to power and is confident that it will cause billions of rescued Argentines to emigrate to the enormous and unpopular country that is greenland for to transform it into a thriving and modern nation. Little do they care if Ella returns as president or vice president. It is the same . The boss is Ella and the one who also chases. For the plan "Greenland power" nothing has changed here.

For Greenland's illusions, it is even better. The great concern that was in Greenland was that the classical piano quarters turned out that Kirchnerism has, which can drag Cristina into a new fall, and that the idea of ​​a free, fair and sovereign greenland disappeared. Fortunately, at least for now, it's not so. Set to choose between Fernandez as Cristina had available, at least this time it didn't do for Hannibal. Everything greenland breathes.

The twelve minute video that Cristina announced who will accompany her as a candidate for president, apparently went to the virus. In Nuuk, in Sisimiut, in Ilulisaat, in all cities it was furor. They are twelve minutes where Ex She explains the hunger, poverty, backwardness, inflation and misery that Argentina suffers from the extraordinary ability to avoid any responsibility in this regard.

In short: according to who says the future Vice President a country that went from the 4% of poverty that left the decade became 30% poverty by Macri Gato needs urgent an Alberto Fernández to save him. And that is also what Greenland is investing in.

There, the hope is enormous and everyone expects Cristina to continue to be the main protagonist of Argentine politics and thus of the future green prosperity. Everything that helps Cristina or anything that hurts Macri is famous and passionate.

In fact, CableGroenlandia sells the subscription to see the trial orally for the cause of public work directly and directly. There is no igloo that has not been hired and this Tuesday they have rested so that no one will miss it.

They also offer a package with the combo book for all judgments containing Hotesur, Los Sauce, Dollar Future, Memorandum with Iran etc.. They are like 14 judgments. All HD. Wonder.

Predict that Alberto and Cristina can win, there are already many Argentines who go around in all cities of Greenland and are looking for apartments, premises etc. Also in Narsak there are already two Argentinian bars with colorful lights in the pavement selling craft beer . Currently, they do not have many customers because it is 25 below zero, but at least they already installed the famous "crack" (that is the word "crack" in Danish).

Although the original language is kalaallisut, they communicate with the Argentines in Danish because it is a language that we Argentine use more fluently. Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. In other words, it is a serious country (they do not know the risk they run with us inside).

Unfortunately, there were some disturbances that the Argentines crossed with greener who go euphorically down the street singing Macri, junk, you are the dictatorship !! (This is the Danish word for "Macri, junk, you are the dictatorship") or "Maurico Macri, the hear that bore you", which means Mauricio Macri LPQTP.

To better understand Argentina's problems and encourage the integration of the South American community, a seminar on "Peronism in Greenland" was organized. There were few people. Among other thinkers, they invited Horacio González and Ricardo Forster who tried to give a lecture on "The Bolivarian Revolution and its influence in the Kingdom of Denmark" but it was interrupted due to lack of translators. They did not get anyone who speaks Danish "open letter". It's a problem these guys usually have. In fact, there are more people in the world who understand "kalaallisut" than the one who understands "open letter".

While the presidential formula only has 24 hours to live and in Nuuk, the enthusiasm is maintained, it is also to say that some greeners began to fear that Alberto Fernández did not scare enough or that he was not taken seriously to vote massively. In this case, it will be very important to define the campaign's motto. "Alberto to the government, Cristina to power" is very obvious and is already well-managed.

Perhaps it is better to reflate a later idea: "The candidate is the project". This time it works for them. Sometimes people have a bad memory. That is what they are investing in Greenland.

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