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Unexpected change in America TV! Alejandro Fantino will stop driving "Animals Loose"

The driver will take on a new challenge.

2020 is approaching and the small screen has begun to transition, several channels are seeking renewal and surprised more than one with unexpected and sudden changes that include disconnections, layoffs and even new hires. In this case, Intransigent could exclusively know that he will take on a new challenge in America Television will be Alejandro Fantino.

The driver of "Loose Animals" will cease to be the leader of the bike and He will host nothing more and nothing less than "Intratables", the program that had several ups and downs after departing from Santiago del Moro. Remembering that the animator took a step aside to adopt a venture that did not produce the expected results, the management took "Who wants to become a millionaire?", Entertainment that does not lift the head of Telefe.

As for Fantino the media was in the eye of the storm to be the protagonist of a sudden departure from Radio La Red. The national newspaper previously published that the one who revealed the bucket was Emanuel Respighi. "Radio La Red without Eduardo Feinmann or Alejandro Fantino 2020. Vila Group's radio station represents the first radio stages: Neither Feinmann (continues on A24) nor Fantino (will continue with & # 39; Animals loss & # 39;) will be in the the game next year. " , the journalists tweeted.

The communicator also reported that Eduardo will be replaced by Jonathan Viale and clarified that the change was not related to the controversial driver's marked position. "Eduardo Feinmann does not follow Radio La Red. They confirm that they will not renew the contract for the journalist at AM 91

0 2020. & # 39; Management decision. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics," they clarify. In fact, Feinmann will to continue on the A24, "he said.

On the other hand, the presenter for Loose Animals already had another job proposal so he would have decided to terminate his contract in La Red and not the opposite as mentioned. In addition, another fact of the unexpected changes in the network is that Luis Novaresio could pass to the second morning of the radio. However, they are still looking for advertisers for the spaces that remain vacant.

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