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Unemployment in 24 hours in the bus lines in the west of Buenos Aires after the murder of the driver of the 620 line

The Vehicle Transport Union (UTA) called a 24-hour strike, from Monday's zero, on short and medium bus lines in the western part of the province of Buenos Aires in response to the murder of a completed driver on the Sunday at the La Matanza party. In addition, a group of demonstrators cut General Paz Avenue, at the height of Juan Bautista Alberdi.

The strike was informed of the end of the weekend by UTA's press secretary Mario Caligari, in dialogue with Télam. Jorge Knop, a delegate to the UTA West Zone, also confirmed to Todo Noticias, who stated that 36 bus lines and 700 workers will be affected: "They are killer, for two tickets as they kill a human. People, they are jackals" , he said.

In the meantime, tensions in the Viceroy del Pino police station 35, where burn tires, road 3 intersection (at miles 35) and demand for justice and safety for driver's crimes. The representatives of the sector met police authorities to speed up the search for the owed parties.

Further around at. 4.30 a group of protesters moved to General Paz The avenue is cut off at the height of Juan Bautista Alberdi in both directions. Although in the beginning of the measure extended to the aid, the collectors were released for transit shortly after 6.

  The protests broke General Paz avenue, on route 3 after the murder of a colectivero in Villa Bosch. (Mario Sayes)

The demonstrators sent the avenue General Paz, on Avenida Juan Bautista Alberti's height after the murder of a 620 driver. (Mario Sayes)

The crime occurred on Sunday afternoon, against 18, at the height of the town of Virrey del Pino, in the southwest of La Matanza, when the victim Leandro Miguel Alcaraz (26) drove the inner 103 of the line 602.

The driver argued with two passengers who, according to police sources, would not pay for the ticket and killed him when he left the car even though Alcaraz took them to their destination.

  Protest in Virrey del Pino, on the night of Sunday after the crime (Mario Sayes)

Protest in Virrey del Pino, on Sunday evening after the crime (Mario Sayes)

Mirá also

They murdered a collectivo as refused to take them because they did not have SUBE

Line 620, from the company Nueva Ideal SA., Connecting the city of Buenos Aires Lomas del Mirador with kilometer 47.7 of road 3.

According to sources, another of the passengers, see that Alcaraz was dying, took the wheel in the collective and drove to the hospital Simply Evita González Catán, where he was killed by two shots: one in the skull and one in the chest.

The driver's prosecution is investigated by prosecutor José Luis Maroto, the functional unit for homicidal instruction by the La Matanza Court. The investigators do not rule out that the killers were full.

  Collectively murdered in the slaughterhouses foto mario sayes

Leandro Miguel Alcaraz was 26.

With information from Télam

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