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Two new surveys confirm concerns about inflation

Two new surveys confirm that inflation is currently Argentina's biggest concern, exceeding the uncertainty. The investigations also ratify a second fact that specifically warns the government: Expectations an axis that Macrismo retained a good deal of support in these first years of management.

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This weekend, Clarín published 10 studies in the last weeks explaining this phenomenon. There is everything. From exclusive works for this magazine (from Management & Fit) to consultants employed by oficialismo (Isonomía) and Kirchnerism (Analogías). Now, Adds Signatures Measured for the Latest Legislative Choice : Taquion / Trespuntozero and Image and Political Management Consultant (CIGP).

In the first case, there is a survey national, of 1

632 cases with a margin of error of +/- 2.4%. The 15-page report begins with one of the basic questions in the polls: "Among these, what do you think is the country's biggest problem?" Inflation points to 21.7% . But if poverty (14.4%) and unemployment (11.9%) are added, economic problems are about 50 points.

When the cut is made by gender, age, education level and region of the country the most respected of inflation men are those from the age of 30 to 49, those who finished primary school and the

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According to the same work, this situation hits the image of the administrator of the president which accumulates a 51.6% negative look in its administration, against a positive 42.7%.

In the case of the CIGP study, they were 976 cases in the capital and Greater Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba and Mendoza .

It's a report where the latest financial news (like the change of inflation target, the problem of closing certain parities to 15%) and following the results of the survey.

For example, 48.3% say their salary is not enough to end up meeting. 52% say their situation is "worse" than last year and 46% believe that It will be "worse" in the following.

As this magazine has already explained, for the increases expected for April in services and transport specialists predict this month that inflation is higher than 2.3% of March . The government is focusing on a change in the trend (real prices and expectations of the people) only from May / June.

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