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Túnez lanzará la moneda national e-Dinar utilizes blockchain

Túnez se has convertido en el primer país en trasladar su moneda nacional a una plataforma blockchain. The empresses of ICO Startup Universe ayudará and emitir and executives of Banco Central's digital digital (CBDC) de Túnez, informing the agency of notices rushing Tass on November 7.

See how e-dinar sea can be transparent and barato the issuer

El Banco Central of Tunis announces the digitalization of the tuning cinema and the CBDC respaldado and papel's issuance and the gift of the Universe Blocks.

Además, Universita también recibirá a transacciona del todas realizadas with the "e-dinar", centered on the libor may be visible to the central bank of país.

The founder and CEO of the Universe Alexander Borodich, his embargo, which is the form of the new electronica no puede see considera una verdadera criptomoneda.

The CBDC o e-dinar será de propiedad estatal y estará respaldado por papel moneda. Per the cadence of the blocks no such protégé contra la falsificación, sino que también hará que la emission sea más barata y transparent. Borodich dijo:

"Free tickets digital without the pad falsifiable: This ticket is protected by a cryptography, even though it is homologous and papal, which is the only proprietary brand of digital images. Admás, the production of the first type of ticket is 1

00 We can only see the desperation of ink, papel and electric and the process of imprisonment. "

For the moment, no matter what a new moment. And this is a part of the reserve's simple simplification of the platform and the cadaver of the cambiar with the dinero physics of the electrons.

The digital cameraman or the function of the private bank

The digital cameraman forma en que operan los bancos privados. To this end, a permanent physique and a central office, centered on the commercial and social services of the service and competition of the service of the service.

This is the primary collaboration between the Gobierno tunecino and the Universo. Como informations Cointelegraph and finals of a passport, the Agencia de Internet tunecina, dirigida por el gobierno, company of a association of albergues of services for the past and march.

Centers, with information of Cointelegraph and the principles of this Union of Europe is considering the position of the emitir with proprietary digital.

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