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Triple protest in the Monumental: flags will be hung upside down against the bar, exaggerated police and fans still detained – 09/22/2019

Wednesday's incidents at Lanús court, where Marcelo Gallardo beat Godoy Cruz by 1 to 0 to advance to the quarterfinals of the Argentine Cup, the left sequel. And the story goes on. It didn't end there.

In the last hours, ten members of Rio brave bars were arrested in the context of the police operation, which included 28 raids at various locations in the southern area of ​​Buenos Aires. Clarín Newsletters

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From Monday to Friday morning.

Among those interned are the chiefs of Engineer Budge, one of the factions of The Drunks of Board . This is "El Gordo Ale", 46, and his 26-year-old son, known in the fan as "El Brian", who had participated in the incidents in Lanús.

According to a police report, the prisoners gathered firearms to meet a dissident faction in the game that River will play tonight in Monumental against Velez.

So, the agencies' focus on security will be placed in Udaondo and Figueroa Alcorta. And the millionaire public will play a predominant role.

That's what he could know Clarín a triple protest prepared a. One who rejects the bar, which happened on December 2 last year when River got Gymnastics, a week after the incidents that led to the suspension of the Copa Libertadores final against Boca, which was transferred to Madrid.

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And the second reason for complaint will be against police crossings on Wednesday that left several genuine fans injured, including Gonzalo Maidana, Jonathan Maidana's cousin , a former River player.

Gonzalo had to be operated on after losing muscle mass and damaging the muscles and tendons. "They don't know how to determine if it was rubber bullets. They don't seem to be rubber bullets. Maybe it could be a shotgun. The wound I have is very serious. He took a piece of my leg," the cousin told the center marker.

The protest also has to do with fans who have nothing to do with the bar and are still being held at the police station 2 in Lanús. There are 10 people arrested while the Lanú police suppressed.

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In denial of the bar's police repression, River fans plan to turn the flags up and down this evening in Monumental when Marcelo Gallardo's team meets Gabriel Heinze & # 39; s. The move arose from the fans and members of the club through social networks.

Given this situation, River collaborates with the lawyers for the boys who make various efforts, plus the official defender. Opposition leader Antonio Caselli also posed for attorney Fernando Burlando.

The 10 fans arrested (who have nothing to do with River Bar members who were also arrested) are: Ariel Eduardo Braim, Walter Ramón Cáceres, Renzo Martiniano Carrizo, Julio Ricardo Casares, Abel Jeremías Gómez, Juan Manuel Mery, Tomás Eduardo Pilotto, Lucas Exequiel Rodríguez, Alexis Alvaro Sosa and Fabián Vicente Suárez.

As I know of this newspaper, between Monday and Tuesday they would be released. That is, they will be imprisoned for almost a week. On the other hand, of the 51 bars (there are still two arrested who are brothers Angel and Luis Peralta, who turned out to have some of the many firearms they seized during the operation) that they arrested on Wednesday, 49 were released in less than 24 hours .

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